BREAKING NEWS! Amarr Navy Capital Squadron Sighted In The Throne Worlds

New Eden News | YC117-07-25 - By Lina Ambre

BREAKING NEWS - A number of Amarr Navy vessels displaying the colors of the Sarum Family have been sighted crossing into The Throne Worlds.

While the passage of Amarr Navy capital ships is an occasional sight within Imperial borders, this particular movement comes after the Emperor Family confirmed yesterday that Empress Jamyl Sarum I would personally visit the Mekhios Graveyard this weekend in the second high profile appearence she has made in as many weeks.

The vessels sighted are believed to be part of the Imperial Guard, the specialist taskforce within the Amarr Navy assigned to protect the ruler of the Empire. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that at least two Aeon class supercarriers have been sighted moving between Safizon and the heart of the Empire.

While their destination at this stage is still unconfirmed, it is believed that they are en-route to the system of Amarr.