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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Latest Update On Scope Network Contractors Released This Afternoon!

    YULAI - Interest has continued to peak in contracts issued against Serpentis assets offered through the Scope Network's brokering service as the Serpentis Corporation appears to be preparing for a withdrawal of forces from key strategic points across the cluster The most committed ten contractors involved in the effort against the Serpentis Corporation will be rewarded with special capital ship blueprint copies at the conclusion of the campaign against the pirate menace. The announced reserve of five [...]

    Scope Network Updates on Leading Capsuleer Contractors

      YULAI - The Scope Network's independent contracting operations continue to attract capsuleers willing to venture out on behalf of the numerous clients offering work through the system. Another update on the leading capsuleer contractors has been issued and names the following as the top ten Scope Network points earners: Alen Asques Muravey Virpio Kamamdzava Tekerava BUISNESSWOMAN Breaking Fast Ardellia Blumenthal DaOpa Sansh Leko Djaren Eldarwing Vrael Zann The Scope Network's current round of [...]

      DED General Praises Capsuleer Efforts Against Serpentis Forces

        YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department have given their first official statement on capsuleer involvement in the eradication of Serpentis research and manufacturing sites during a press conference in Yulai today. The address to the interstellar press began as an update on the DED's assessment of the Serpentis Corporation's military capability, after the revelation that the pirate organization has been secretly working on its own breed of capital class vessels in recent months. During the [...]

        Scope Network Reports On Broker Success

          YULAI - A recent business venture by the newly independent Scope Network has seen capsuleers across the cluster coming to the aid of the empires to earn rewards from the Scope Network. While currently in its infancy, this new trial has seen incredible interest from capsuleers thus far, with capsuleer Kirev earning the highest rated reward from Scope Network contracts within an amazing 48 hours. The Scope Network intend to run this initial service for another 4 weeks and to further reward capsuleers [...]

          CONCORD reveals key Serpentis locations after Upwell data handover

            YULAI - Using the sizeable reach of the Scope Network's broadcasting service, the CONCORD Assembly has released the coordinates of thousands of Serpentis Corporation installations across New Eden. An unprecedented move and the first of its kind after the Scope Network was granted its independent broadcasting license several weeks ago, the revelation has seen independent capsuleers across the cluster flock to earn the rewards currently placed on offer by the Scope, which include seized Serpentis assets [...]

            CONCORD and Upwell Agree Technology Sharing Deal with Scope Network to Act as Broker

              Orvolle - CONCORD and the Upwell Consortium have agreed a deal on the sharing of technology acquired by the consortium in raids on Serpentis Corporation shipyards and facilities by mercenaries working on its behalf. Notably, the Scope Network will play a key role in the deal, operating as a middleman and broker on behalf of CONCORD, Upwell and other interested parties. The deal is believed to have been reached after an extraordinary intervention by the Scope's founder, FTL communications trillionaire [...]

              Pressure mounts on Upwell to hand over Serpentis data and hardware

                YULAI - The Federation and Republic have added their formal support to a Directive Enforcement Department mandate issued this morning that demands the handover of all seized technology, blueprints and research equipment that were provided to the Upwell Consortium by private military contractors, after a series of raids on Serpentis Corporation assets over the course of the last week. During this morning's hearing following the open Inner Circle session hosted on Tuesday, Federal Intelligence Office [...]

                Total Victory of Tribal Liberation Force Marked by Award of Stripes of Fury Medal

                  MATAR, PATOR IV - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has awarded some thousand Tribal Liberation Force fighters a special medal for their participation in the offensive that has brought total victory to the Minmatar militia forces in the Amarr-Minmatar border warzone. The final holdouts of the Amarr militia fell on YC118.06.19, with the four systems of Gebuladi, Raa, Sirekur and Vimeini changing hands in the culmination of a lightning offensive by TLF forces that claimed some 30 systems in the space of a week. [...]

                  Upwell criticized by Inner Circle after Serpentis Raids

                    YULAI - The Upwell Consortium has been the target of harsh criticism during an open Inner Circle session on Interstellar Security today. Speaking on behalf of the Society of Conscious Thought, as the Jove Empire delegate to the CONCORD Assembly, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish questioned the motives of the Upwell Consortium after it was revealed that the organization acquired a significant number of blueprints, research components and construction components from raids on several Serpentis Corporation [...]

                    Attack On Serpentis Shipyard Confirmed

                      FOUNTAIN - The Scope is now able to confirm earlier rumors of an attack on a Guardian Angel capital shipyard in low orbit of Serpentis Prime VII. Initial reports of the strike surfaced several hours ago after a number of distress calls were intercepted and recorded by a Federation Navy Tripwire border posts in the Elerelle constellation of Solitude, however the situation remained unclear until footage of the aftermath began to arrive at the Scope less than an hour ago. Initial holoreel recordings [...]

                      CONCORD Confirm Rumors Of Investigation Into Serpentis Fleet Strength

                        YULAI - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department have confirmed investigations into Serpentis fleet capabilities are underway following reports from the Federal Intelligence Office of a military buildup by the renegade corporation. A source within the DED has informed the Scope they are aggressively pursuing the investigation but despite increased patrols across the cluster they are yet to encounter any evidence of so-called "supercapital" tech being operated by the Serpentis. The Scope approached [...]

                        Upwell Consortium Members Comment on Federation Concerns Over Serpentis Military Buildup

                          Oursulaert - Upwell Consortium executives have warned that a buildup of Serpentis military forces and potential for increased criminal activity by the notorious Angel Cartel could lead to cluster-wide instability. Meeting for the TechUpCon 118 technology summit and expo at the Chemal Tech Research Center orbiting Oursulaert VI, executive representatives from Upwell Consortium member corporations were relatively open about their concerns, echoing reports from sources within the Gallente Federation's [...]

                          CONCORD Confirms Issue Of Independent Broadcasting License to Scope Network

                            ORVOLLE - The CONCORD Assembly has confirmed the issue of the cluster's first Independent Broadcasting License today, in a joint press conference with the Scope. Speaking on behalf of the Secure Commerce Commission from the Headquarters of the news organization, SCC Operations Director Ryde Froyer congratulated the Scope Galactic News Network on its recognition as the first truly independent news and current affairs broadcasting network in the cluster. Remarking on the network's huge growth in [...]

                            Mercenary Corporations Withdraw from Chandeille as Jin-Mei Civil Conflict Enters Ceasefire Following Capsuleer Aid Efforts

                              Chandeille (Lirsautton V) - The decades long civil conflict on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Chandeille, the fifth planet of the Lirsautton system, has entered an uneasy peace following a ceasefire declaration by Sang Do overlord houses in the resource rich equatorial zones of the planet. Gallente Federation negotiators are believed to have benefitted in their long task of brokering a ceasefire from the recent involvement of capsuleers from the "Villore Assembly" calling for peace and providing [...]

                              Upwell Security Head Tours Key Installations in Outer Ring and Syndicate Regions

                                4C-B7X - Director Lars en Ramon, head of the Upwell Consortium's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance (DEFMA), is on a high profile tour of Upwell Consortium member installations in the Outer Ring and Syndicate regions, following further calls for assurances that Upwell security is sufficient in the face of threats from Serpentis Corporation and renegade capsuleers operating in the outer regions. The inspection tour by Director en Ramon is the first real look that press and other observers [...]

                                Concerns at Serpentis Military Buildup Passed to DED, say Federal Intelligence Sources

                                  VILLORE - The Federal Intelligence Office has communicated its "deep concerns" at the nature and extent of a reported recent military buildup of Serpentis forces to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department, according to sources within the FIO. A dossier containing detailed analysis of the information available to the FIO is understood to have been passed to the DED. Its contents are reported to confirm rumors of a massive buildup of Serpentis naval forces, including the construction and deployment [...]

                                  Fortizar-Class Citadels Spark Capsuleer Conflict and Controversy

                                  • YC118-05-12

                                    The first Capsuleer-assembled Fortizar Citadels have arrived in New Eden, and with them, a whole new round of conflict and controversy. The title of first onlined Fortizar Citadel goes to Hard Knocks Inc. for onlining the Hard Knocks Rental Office on May 5th located in the wormhole with the signature J115405, codenamed "RAGE". The Fortizar is Upwell 's large Citadel. Unlike its medium sized counterpart, the Astrahus, the Fortizar model is capable of housing full Capital-sized vessels and is designed [...]

                                    Upwell Delivers Gifts In Celebration Of Capsuleer Day!

                                      4C-B7X - The Upwell Consortium has confirmed delivery of gifts to Capsuleers across the cluster today, as organizations throughout New Eden begin celebration of "Capsuleer Day" on the thirteenth anniversary of the issue of the first commercial capsuleer pilot licenses. Upwell formally announced yesterday that all capsuleers would receive an Upwell themed SKIN for their capsule, as well as festival launchers and pyrotechnics, all of which have now been delivered in one of the largest logistical [...]

                                      Upwell Consortium Announces Capsuleer Day!

                                        4C-B7X - The Upwell Consortium has announced "Capsuleer Day" in a press conference this afternoon that also celebrated the final construction and onlining of the cluster's first independently owned and commercially operated Fortizar class Citadel. During the press conference, Yani Sar Arteu, Chief Executive of Outer Ring Excavations, praised "the commitment, industrial might and tenacity of Hard Knocks Citizens, who have been confirmed to be the first to erect a Fortizar class Citadel." Continuing the [...]

                                        Amarr Succession Committee Announces September Date for Coronation of Empress Catiz I

                                          Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - The Amarr Empire's Imperial Succession Committee has announced that the coronation of Empress Catiz I will be take place on September 27th YC118. Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi, speaking on behalf of the Succession Committee said, "The course of Holy Amarr has been set with the triumph of Her Majesty Catiz I in the trials. The coronation of the Empress will be carried out in the normal manner with all due rites and before the assembled faithful of Amarr. Preparations have [...]

                                          Upwell Consortium Celebrates Deployment of First Privately Owned Citadels

                                            X-BV98 - Executives at the Upwell Consortium expressed their delight at the construction of the first wave of Astrahus -class Citadels in a press conference this afternoon, after the structures began to sprout up across New Eden in a frenzy of construction over the course of the weekend. Speaking from Intaki Bank headquarters during a meeting of the Consortium's executive personnel, Lee Brinalle, Special Accounts Manager at Intaki Bank, spoke on behalf of the organization's leaders, declaring that [...]

                                            Catiz Tash-Murkon to be Crowned Empress of Amarr as Champion Kelon Darklight and Team Triumph in Final Trials

                                              Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - The new Empress of Amarr will be Her Majesty Catiz Tash-Murkon, following her Champion Kelon Darklight's triumph in the Finals of the Imperial Succession Trials today. Long, loud and clear was the pealing of bells in celebration, as crowds gathered in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad witnessed the victory in ritual combat of the Tash-Murkon capsuleer Champion Lord Kelon Darklight and his retainers, Lucian IV, Maxine Antilles and Wasa Qc. The battle to determine the next [...]

                                              Aritcio Kor-Azor and Catiz Tash-Murkon Meet with Championship Teams Amidst Final Preparations for Imperial Succession Trials

                                                Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - The remaining two Royal Heirs in contention for the Golden Throne of Amarr, Lord Aritcio Kor-Azor and Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon, met with their respective Champions and teams of capsuleer retainers today. The two teams will fight to determine the next ruler of Holy Amarr in the Finals of the YC118 Amarr Championships beginning at 17:00 New Eden Time this Friday, 22nd April. The Kor-Azor team is led by House Champion Lysus and made up of his retainers, Anariasis, Hoodie Mafia and [...]

                                                Amarr Heirs-Elect Visit Sequestered Royal Heirs in Dam-Torsad Ahead of Championship Finals

                                                  Amarr Prime - The Heirs-elect of the Royal Houses of Amarr have been on formal visits to the current Royal Heirs this week, ahead of the YC118 Championship Finals of the Imperial Succession Trials. The final bouts of the Imperial Succession Trials will be held on the evening of Friday April 22nd, before an elite audience of dignitaries, including a significant number of capsuleer pilots from across New Eden. The Royal Heirs have been in sequestered quarters, under the care of the Order of St. [...]

                                                  DED urges caution after rogue messages appear on hacked SCC billboards

                                                    YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department has issued a statement urging caution among capsuleers after the appearance of unauthorized messaging on SCC billboards across the cluster. The messages, which began to appear at some time this morning, seem at this stage to be linked to the group of rogue pilots identifying themselves as "Valkyrie", and urge capsuleers to attack Guristas assets in the wake of allegations that the pirate organization is performing unregulated human experiments on captured [...]

                                                    Caldari Navy intercepts Guristas convoy in Black Rise

                                                      AKIDAGI - The Scope can now confirm rumors of a skirmish in the early hours of this morning that left a significant number of Caldari Navy vessels in need of repairs, and more than two dozen Guristas vessels destroyed. In a statement issued by the Caldari Navy approximately an hour ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado of the Caldari Navy's 37th 'Octopus' Squadron confirmed that "three Caldari Navy Caracal-class cruisers and four Scorpion-class battleships were heavily damaged during an engagement close [...]

                                                      Jovian Directorate Withdraws from Concord Inner Circle and Designates SoCT as Successor

                                                        BREAKING NEWS - YULAI - In a stunning development, CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya has just announced the formal withdrawal of the Jovian Directorate from the CONCORD Inner Circle, with the Society of Conscious Thought designated as the full successor state of the Jove Empire for the purposes of the CONCORD Assembly and Inner Circle. Speaking to the role of the SoCT in CONCORD, President Okonaya said: "The Society of Conscious Thought has been in regular contact with representatives of the [...]

                                                        Jove Corporations Transferred to SoCT as Inner Circle Indicates Major Announcement in Coming Days

                                                          YULAI - Listings at the Secure Commerce Commission were updated this week to indicate the transfer of three Jovian Directorate registered corporations to the Society of Conscious Thought. The Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations, operating largely in the core empires of New Eden for many decades, have all been transferred to the SoCT with apparent effect from YC118.03.09. Collectively, the Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations have long been major players in the cloning, implants, neural [...]

                                                          SOE Launches "Project Discovery" Citizen Science Research Program

                                                            X-7OMU - The Sisters of EVE have launched a citizen science research program codenamed "Project Discovery", aimed at achieving a comprehensive categorization and analysis of tissue samples acquired from the Drifters since their emergence in early YC117. Professor Lundberg, Chief Scientist for the SOE advanced research division, said: "It is of great importance for Project Discovery that as many capsuleers as possible take part. We believe that a proper understanding of the underlying biology of the [...]

                                                            SOE Confirms Research into Drifters and Discusses Preliminary Findings

                                                              Thera - The Sisters of EVE confirmed an extensive research effort involving expeditions to the Drifter-occupied 'hive' systems at a conference with selected press today. Following the Scope's reporting of leaked details of SOE research activities in the hive systems in so-called 'W-space', SOE representatives invited the Scope and other news organizations to a holopresence conference netcasted from the Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics in the Thera system. A Sanctuary representaive, Sister [...]

                                                              Leaked Reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology

                                                                ORVOLLE - Information passed to the Scope by an anonymous source has revealed that an ongoing Sisters of EVE presence in key Drifter-occupied wormhole systems is aimed at researching Drifter technology and behavior. The material, in the form of reports made by research teams to the SOE's Sanctuary research organization, discusses Drifter technology in various fields at length and often contains notes expressing concern, urgency and even alarm as to the nature and scope of the evidence gathered. While [...]

                                                                Drifter Incursion into the Khanid Kingdom

                                                                • YC118-02-16

                                                                  The Drifter threat has been ever increasing, with a significant incursion in the constellation of Homroon, with Nandeza, Dimoohan and Baratar being the current focus of the Drifters' attention. Due to the severity of the recent combat it has been difficult to define actual numbers, but it appears that that the Amarr Navy have suffered unprecedented losses in this conflict. At the time of writing, despite being present, the Amarr Navy were clearly unable to defend themselves against the increasing [...]

                                                                  Upwell First Citadels Research Drive Ends in "Triumph" as Prize Winners are Announced

                                                                    FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Speaking on behalf of the Upwell Consortium today, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle of Intaki Bank announced the winners of the special prizes being issued to contributors. "I want to first note that the capsuleer portion of the research program has been an absolute triumph! Participation went far beyond expectations and we are happy to announce that our Tier 5 research goals were met. Of course, this means that we will be issuing a Fortizar -class citadel BPC to one lucky [...]

                                                                    Upwell Research Race is Ending at Midnight

                                                                    • YC118-02-09

                                                                      Hello Capsuleers As announced by the Upwell Consortium, if you've been diligently collecting Research Components from the Serpentis to return to the Upwell Consortium make sure you contract them in to Lee Brinalle by 23:59 UTC on February 9, 2016. Any Research Components in contracts created after this time will not be accepted. While most of the prizes in the draw have been unlocked, there is still a Fortizar Citadel BPC remaining to be acquired. If you want to have a chance to win one, keep [...]

                                                                      Upwell Consortium Research Component Acquisition to Conclude Midnight

                                                                        FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle has announced that the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program will come to an end at midnight this evening, YC118.09.02. "I want to thank all those that have contributed and I'm delighted that we will be awarding Astrahus -class citadel BPCs to five participants when we make the final count and carry out the prize draw. Not to mention that stylish Upwell spacewear! However, there is still time for one last push to [...]

                                                                        Sisters of EVE Flotilla Spotted In Drifter Hive Systems

                                                                          J200727 - Several eye witnesses have contacted the Scope in the last hour, concerned about Sisters of EVE presence in the wormhole systems containing the notorious Drifter Hives. An SOE flotilla has been sighted in J200727, and while this seems an unusual location for SOE operations, this further substantiates a report received by the Scope from an anonymous source. This source claims the Drifters have been researching and constructing new, advanced technology within their wormhole systems and the SOE [...]

                                                                          SCC Authorizes Trading in Transneural Skill Extraction and Injection Products

                                                                            YULAI -- Capsuleers are to be permitted to trade so-called "Skill Extractors" and "Skill Injectors" according to a market activity notification issued by the Secure Commerce Commission today. Trade in the transneural skill extraction and injection products - devices said to be capable of "reading out synaptic patterns and laying them down in new combinations with skillbook data" - is to be authorized and controlled from 9th February YC118, under the capsuleer support provisions of the Yulai [...]

                                                                            Upwell Reports Excellent Progress with Research Component Program; Calls on Capsuleers to Redouble Efforts

                                                                              FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held another press call today, reporting on the progress of the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program. Discussing acquisitions so far, Lee Brinalle expressed delight at the range and number of contributions. "We've seen a tremendous effort and our staff have been kept enormously busy processing the contracts so far. The progress has been so good that we've been able to allocate four Astrahus -class citadel BPCs so far. [...]

                                                                              Upwell Consortium Hails Capsuleer Research Effort as Citadel Prototype Construction Resumes

                                                                                FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle provided an update on the Upwell Consortium prototype citadel construction project in a short briefing today. Hailing the efforts of capsuleers supplying rare and sophisticated research components for Upwell's Astrahus -class citadel construction project, Lee Brinalle noted that already she had received enough components to guarantee Astrahus BPCs for two lucky winners in the draw that Upwell will be holding. "I want to thank and commend our [...]

                                                                                Upwell Claims Serpentis Sabotage while Responding to Capsuleer Attacks on Citadel Construction Sites

                                                                                  FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Responding to the destruction of prototype citadel construction sites by various capsuleer attackers yesterday, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held a press conference this afternoon on behalf of the Upwell Consortium, during which she cited evidence of Serpentis sabotage of the sites' defenses. Speaking from the Intaki Bank Depository in FD-MLJ, Lee Brinalle's statement covered a number of points, including the probable cause of the vulnerability of the construction sites [...]

                                                                                  Upwell Consortium Citadel Construction Project Begins Amidst Promotional Extravaganza

                                                                                    OURAPHEH - The Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line takes another major stride forward today, as the space industrial giant launches its prototype construction project in five systems of New Eden. In a combined promotional and resources acquisition effort, Upwell are calling on capsuleers, their anticipated primary market, to assist in the collection of research components for use in the construction of the five Astrahus -class citadel prototypes. At a launch event in Ourapheh, held aboard his [...]

                                                                                    Upwell Consortium Signs Transport and Communications Deals with Interbus and Impetus

                                                                                      X-BV98 - At a press conference held amidst tight security at the Intaki Bank head offices in Syndicate today, representatives of the Upwell Consortium, InterBus and the Impetus corporation announced the signing of comprehensive contracts for transportation and communications technology and services to be provided as part of the Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line. While the deal with Impetus comes as little surprise given that the Gallente entertainment and communications concern is known to have [...]

                                                                                      Serpentis Fall Back After Failed Assault On Mining Platform

                                                                                        AN-G54 - The Serpentis Corporation appears to be in full retreat after a failed assault on Outer Ring Excavation's largest mobile mining and refining platform resulted in heavy losses for their fleet early yesterday morning. Reports are now beginning to emerge after the removal of a communications blackout that saw the parts of the constellation of Regalia in Outer Ring locked down by Mordu's Legion Command forces contracted by the Upwell Consortium. The fortification and lockdown of several systems [...]

                                                                                        Serpentis Corporation Strikes Back Against Upwell Consortium

                                                                                          3HQC-6 - Breaking news has reached The Scope in the last hour, detailing a coordinated set of armed strikes against Ducia Foundry mining operations in the region of Outer Ring. Initial reports indicate that three joint taskforces of Serpentis Corporation and Guardian Angel vessels staged simultaneous ambushes on heavily armed Ducia Foundry mining convoys in the systems of 3HQC-6, L3-XYO and LGUZ-1, destroying all mining vessels and ancillary hardware after laying waste to their escorts. Ducia Foundry [...]

                                                                                          ORE Membership of Upwell Consortium Confirmed by Yani Sar Arteu in Aftermath of Station Seizures

                                                                                            4C-B7X, Outer Ring - Following the stunning actions of Mordu's Legion and Arkombine mercenary forces in Outer Ring, as reported by the Scope, the situation with the Outer Ring Excavations corporation has been clarified by Upwell Consortium Chairman, and founder of ORE, Yani Sar Arteu. The announcement, in the wake of the ORE station assaults and seizures, that the mining and technology conglomerate would be joining Upwell was confirmed by Chairman Arteu today, as the Secure Commerce Commission [...]

                                                                                            Mystery Still Surrounds Drifter Wormhole Contents

                                                                                            • YC117-11-26

                                                                                              Artifacts and oddities discovered in the drifter wormholes continue to baffle and astound much of the scientific community. Very few of these newly discovered items have had their use or design explained. Among the items recovered so far is a cerebral cortex slice from the frozen corpse of Dr Hilen Tukoss. What may be discovered from analysing this object is still unknown. DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren has requested that any capsuleers who may have collected biomass from the site turn these [...]

                                                                                              Upwell Consortium Announces Development of 'Citadel' Line of Stations for Capsuleer Market

                                                                                                YULAI - The newly-formed Upwell Consortium today revealed that it is developing a new line of space stations for the capsuleer market that it is branding as "Citadels". The announced range of Citadels includes offerings aimed at "capsuleer corporations and organizations with operations ranging from the medium scale to those requiring the extra-large capacity used by major Outer Regions powers." With development understood to be well beyond the concepting and preliminary prototyping stages, the Upwell [...]

                                                                                                Founding of Upwell Consortium Announced by Leading Interstellar Corporations

                                                                                                  YULAI - A group of leading interstellar corporations, comprising Chemal Tech, Eifyr & Co., Intaki Bank, Mordu's Legion, Ytiri and Zoar & Sons, have announced today a special filing with the Secure Commerce Commission to establish a major space industrial concern named "Upwell Consortium". In their release, the founding members of the Upwell Consortium name Yani Sar Arteu, noted industrialist and former owner of the ORE corporation, as the chairman of the Upwell board. The Upwell Consortium is being [...]

                                                                                                  House Tash-Murkon Dominates In Imperial Succession Trials – Finals Set Against House Kor-Azor

                                                                                                    DAM-TORSAD - Watched by trillions of viewers across the cluster, the second stage of the Imperial Succession Trials concluded today, eliminating four of the Royal Heirs to the Imperial Throne from competition, and setting the stage for a grand finale in early YC118. While the Imperial Succession Committee remains tight lipped regarding the exact format for the finals of the Succession Trials, it is now known that Lord Darklight, champion for House Tash-Murkon, will face off against Lord Lysus, [...]

                                                                                                    Round Two Of Imperial Succession Trials Begins Today

                                                                                                      DAM-TORSAD - Round two of the YC118 Imperial Succession trials is set to begin today, with tens of millions of spectators flocking to the Imperial city of Dam-Torsad to watch the continuation of the combat trials. Once again, the eyes of the entire cluster are focused on the Golden City and the battlefield in space on which the six remaining champions will fight to decide wihch two of them will face eachother in the final of the Succession Trials. As with the first stage of the trials, the Court [...]