Caldari Protestors Return To Work After Megacorporate Clamp Down On Dissent

New Eden News | YC119-03-12 - By Alton Haveri

NEW CALDARI - Almost two billion protestors returned to work this morning, after a statement released by the Chief Executive Panel gave further details of the ongoing situation in Oijanen II.

Footage released anonymously to the Scope was branded as "heavily edited, sensationalist tabloid reporting" by the Chief Executive of Lai Dai, with several representatives from the Nugoeihuvi News Network commenting that the footage in no way represented the situation on the ground in the city of Myrskaa.

The CEP was also notified this morning of intended actions by megacorporations across the State that have forced protestors back to work by empowering employers to terminate work contracts with individuals seen to be "inciting, promoting, participating in, or enabling civil unrest". The move comes after an anonymous leak from the House of Records revealed that almost forty trillion kredits of value has been wiped off the Caldari stock market due to a downturn of manufacturing and raw materials output over the course of the last two days of protests.

As news broke of actions taken by megacorporations across the State, trade union representatives and civil rights experts in both the Federation and Republic denounced the move, branding it "ridiculous corporate strong-arming" and "violation of the right to freedom of speech and expression."

Workers across the State returned to their jobs this morning, with no further acknowledgement from the Chief Executive Panel.