Directive Enforcement Department Releases Details Of Guardian Angel Operations

New Eden News | YC119-02-14 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - The Gallente Senate has confirmed the handover of intelligence relating to Serpentis Corporation and Guardian Angel operations to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department today, in the wake of the largest narcotics raid in the history of Federation Customs.

The intelligence, which includes the locations of thousands of smuggling and distribution sites across the cluster, was subsequently released to capsuleers by the DED this morning, exposing a "significant proportion" of the distribution network used by the two outlaw corporations to supply narcotics and black market weapons.

Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the DED's Genesis Fleet released a statement alongside the information, effectively declaring open season on the sites for registered capsuleer pilots, and indicating that any equipment or salvage recovered from indicated locations that is not considered contraband will be classed as "free salvage" under interstellar law.

Soon after the announcement, traffic reports from a number of high population regions across the cluster indicated a rapid increase in vessel movement, with independent capsuleer pilots and law enforcement personnel alike apparently looking to take advantage of the free salvage declaration.