Gallente Human Rights Activists Slam Chief Executive Panel And Senate After Oijanen Footage Shows Mass Protest

New Eden News | YC119-03-05 - By Lina Ambre

VILLORE - A number of Federal human rights groups have criticised the Caldari State's handling of the Kyonoke Plague outbreak in Oijanen, after unauthorized footage released today showed mass protests outside the quarantine nanoshield dome that was placed over the city of Myrskaa almost a month ago.

The Gallente Humanist League, Federal Humane Foundation and Gallente Humanist Association staged their own protests outside the Senate chamber today, after it was revealed that an unknown number of Gallente citizens in the employ of CreoDron, who operate a manufacturing facility in the nearby system of Reisen, are being held within the quarantine zone that currently seals off the city of Myrskaa.

Speaking with several protesters who formed part of a fifty thousand strong demonstration outside the Senate chamber, the Scope learned from one individual whose daughter is being held within the zone that "those inside the dome have had no contact with the outside world for almost a month" and that leaked information from sources within the State Peacekeepers suggests that "supplies are running low, with no further shipments of resources being permitted to pass through the cordon for more than a week".

A spokesman for the Federal Humane Foundation responded to questions from the Scope during the protest, elaborating that "the Senate is not doing enough to protect the rights of Gallente expatriates living within the Caldari State, and the treatment of Federal citizens within the Myrskaa quarantine zone has highlighted that this is a growing issue. The Roden administration needs to do more to protect and preserve the rights of those holding Federal citizenship, especially those who reside outside Federal borders."

The Office of Press for the President confirmed its awareness of protests outside the senate chamber, but declined to comment further on the leaked footage of protests outside the Myrskaa quarantine zone, responding simply that the situation was "a matter of State Security within Caldari sovereign territory, that should be address by the Caldari Authorities."

The Senate has so far declined to comment on the footage, or the leaked information from sources within the State Peacekeepers.