First Expeditions To Stricken Quarantine Zones Occur After Significant Preparation

New Eden News | YC119-04-02 - By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious Thought has confirmed the success of a simultaneous multi-region evidence gathering operation to breach the quarantine zones established around Kyonoke Plague infected sites in Postouvin, Muttokon, Efu and Oijanen.

Science teams from across the cluster have moved in to begin to assist with investigative efforts, cataloguing and inspecting the sites, as well as rendering any assistance to the remaining survivors in the locations affected. Initial reports suggest that the operation has been successful, with thousands of images, holo recordings and details of the extent of the situation pouring in to databanks on board the Kyonoke Inquest Center.

For the first time since the initial quarantine lockdown of the RP4 facility on February 13th, the platform's owners, Astral Mining and the Federal authorities will be able to review telemetry and security logs from the installation's mainframe.

For security reasons, all information pertaining to the investigation has been classified by order of the CONCORD Assembly's Inner Circle until the conclusion of the Inquest on April 8th.