SoCT Breaks Silence On Construction in Postouvin; Announces Kyonoke Inquest

New Eden News | YC119-03-03 - By Alton Haveri

POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious thought has outlined full details of an inquest into the interstellar Kyonoke crisis, after revealing construction plans for a Keepstar class citadel that will serve as a base of operations for science teams working toward a resolution.

Speaking at a conference before the interstellar press, SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed that the construction project ongoing in close proximity to the stricken RP4 Hemorphite processing facility in orbit of Postouvin's fourth planet will be completed in the coming weeks, and the assembled Keepstar will act as a focal point for inquest operations.

Clarifying the purpose of what has now been branded the "YC119 Kyonoke Inquest" Elder Raish told the press that "the objective of this inquest is not to place blame, but for the administrations of the four empires to come together with their brightest and best, in order to work on a rapid and direct solution to the ongoing crisis. Every moment matters, and teams from the Society have already commenced operations on board the partially finished structure.

"For reasons of operational security, the location of the RP4 facility and the construction project will not be revealed to independent pilots until construction has been finalized. However, efforts are ongoing to bring many independent capsuleers into the fold once the inquest is fully operational."

Elder Raish concluded the conference by offering his thanks to the administrations of the four empires, as well as the thousands of independent capsuleers who have stepped forward with offers of support and aid to assist with the ongoing crisis.