Zainou Releases Preliminary Findings From Myrskaa Investigation

New Eden News | YC119-02-16 - By Alton Haveri

OIJANEN - The interstellar scientific community has become a hive of activity this afternoon, after the release of initial findings by a team of Zainou virologists based within the quarantined city of Myrskaa on Oijanen II.

After preliminary investigation, the team released a statement to Zainou's security division, which has now been forwarded as a "Top Secret" grade classified document to the Chief Executive Panel for review.

The Scope can confirm that contained within the statement, was the digital transmission of a full report on the pathogen, which is believed to have infected as many as two million inside the quarantine cordon at this stage.

The report apparently indicates that while the pathogen has been positively identified as the Kyonoke virus, it would appear that the current outbreak is of a newly identified strain which attacks its host in a different manner, and has been described by sources within Zainou's security division as "in most cases slower acting, but far more voracious and destructive" than the original strain located in Taisy.

Academics and and scientific professionals across the cluster have called on the State to release further details of their findings, after it was widely agreed that Caldari researchers are several steps ahead of those in other areas of the cluster, given that they have had decades to study and catalog the original strain of plague.

Zainou's Research and Development division have remained silent on any findings thus far, and the Corporate Relations Director for the Chief Executive Panel has so far declined to comment on the alleged contents of the report.