Orvanne Constellation Sees Busiest Traffic Control Day Since Records Began

New Eden News | YC119-04-05 - By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - Scope News has learned that traffic control in the Federal Constellation of Orvanne has seen its busiest day since records began, after independent capsuleers and scientists began to arrive this morning for the start of the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest tomorrow.

The Upwell Consortium has confirmed that the Keepstar class citadel that forms the main bulk of the Kyonoke Inquest Center is now officially the most populated structure in New Eden, housing a colossal two hundred and sixty five million staff, scientists and support personnel from all corners of the cluster.

With a population so high, the Upwell Consortium has drafted in a team of its own engineers and designers with the permission of the Society of Conscious Thought, in order to learn more about the structure's performance under such extreme load.

While no staff who have entered the quarantined locations across the cluster have been permitted to leave the cordons at this stage, the atmosphere on board the Inquest Center has been described by our Scope News team as jovial but incredibly professional, as regular trips to the quarantine sites continue throughout the day.