Genolution Confirms Kyonoke Outbreak In Efu; Gives Details On Containment

New Eden News | YC119-02-20 - By Lina Ambre

EFU - In the last hour, the Society of Conscious Thought have confirmed both their rumored contact with Genolution regarding events in Efu, and further details on the containment situation on board the Genolution biotech production facility.

In a press conference hosted from on board the station, SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed the presence of the Kyonoke Plague on all nine decks that have been sealed off, remarking that the action was "absolutely necessary to prevent further spread of the contagion".

Speaking on behalf of both Genolution and the Society, Elder Raish confirmed that "the Society of Conscious Thought has reached out to contacts in the locations affected in order to offer assistance with the current situation, and will work actively with all authorities across the cluster, as well as the CONCORD Assembly, to ensure that the crisis is brought to an acceptable and controlled resolution as soon as possible."

When questioned regarding the number of individuals who may have been exposed, Elder Raish seemed open to revealing more details, explaining that "the station security count places exactly seven hundred and twenty-nine thousand, one hundred and twelve individuals within the cordon at the time it was established. We believe at this stage that we have lost around sixty five thousand to early onset of the plague and that most, if not all of those still alive within the cordon have been exposed."

Urging calm after the press responded with a barrage of questions, Elder Raish continued, informing the press that "every possible avenue to resolve the situation and save as many lives as possible is being explored, and Genolution is working closely with the Imperial authorities to ensure that the issue is addressed quickly to minimize further loss of life.

"However, the Kyonoke Plague is an extremely voracious pathogen with a one hundred percent fatality rate, that spreads incredibly easily and can only be contained or destroyed via incredibly extreme methods. The only known methods of destroying the pathogen at this stage are exposure to extreme heat, or absolute zero in vacuum. We would like to avoid exposing those within the cordon to either."

Despite additional questions, Elder Raish called a close to the press conference after approximately thirty minutes, before appearing to return to the crisis center that has been set up on board the station.