YC119 Kyonoke Inquest Begins With Keynote From Dr. Cador Veranne

New Eden News | YC119-04-06 - By Alton Haveri

POSTOUVIN - The YC119 Kyonoke Inquest has formally commenced this afternoon, after an introductory keynote was broadcast to every holoscreen on board the Inquest Center, welcoming empire and independent delegates alike.

The Inquest unites scientists from across the cluster, as specialists in genetic engineer and bio-medicine, as well as virologists and medical practitioners from all walks of life collaborate in what is being described in the interstellar press as the largest single collaborative event in New Eden since the assault on Sansha's Nation over a century ago.

The keynote address, which was hosted by Dr. Cardor Veranne - the Kyonoke Inquest's Research & Development Director from the Society of Conscious Thought - praised "the unprecedented level of collaboration and unity displayed since the project's inception" and reiterated the Inquest's mission to "avoid placing blame for the spread of Kyonoke, and instead work toward a swift and satisfactory resolution that saves as many lives as possible."

The address was widely praised, before staff returned to their duties on board the Inquest Center as data continues to stream in from the quarantined sites.