BREAKING NEWS - Federal Intelligence Office Begins Investigating Terrorism Links to RP4 Kyonoke Outbreak

New Eden News | YC119-03-16 - By Lina Ambre

RENYN - The Federal Intelligence office has confirmed rumors circulating in the press that the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, also known as the "Black Eagles", is in the midst of an investigation that may link the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in Postouvin to acts of terrorism in the Federation.

During a statement made to the interstellar press on board FIO Headquarters in Renyn, Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent & Administrator for the Black Eagles, commented that "an investigation is ongoing into the origins of the Kyonoke outbreak In Postouvin, and has been launched to ascertain whether an extremist Caldari Nationalist attack is responsible for the current situation on board the RP4 hemorphite processing platform."

When questioned regarding the nature of the investigation, Gaterau elaborated his belief that "Kyonoke originates on the Caldari side of the border, and until two weeks ago it was a Caldari problem. It does not strike me that the Caldari administration would want to share this problem with the wider cluster given the pathogen's voracious nature, and the certainty of death for anyone who comes into contact with it.

"My personal belief, after exploring the evidence so far with my colleagues, is that an as of yet unknown quantity is involved, and has launched a deliberate attack against the Federation and our allies."

Gaterau deflected further questions regarding the status of those still trapped on board the RP4 mining facility, referring questions to the Senate's Office of Press.