SoCT Science Teams Begin To Arrive As Construction Continues On Kyononke Inquest Center

New Eden News | YC119-03-08 - By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - A large formation of Society of Conscious Thought research vessels has arrived at the construction site of the Kyonoke Inquest Center this afternoon, along with a flotilla of freighters carrying research and medical equipment.

A statement from the Society has confirmed rumors that the organization has begun genetic research on the latest strain of Kyonoke, in an attempt to "either create a vaccine, or an inhibitor with the intention of limiting the spread of the deadly pathogen".

Speaking to the interstellar press in a holo call from the partially constructed research site, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed that "as soon as the relevant facilities are commissioned, the Society will draft in the best and brightest from all four corners of the cluster with a view to working toward a mutual resolution that can safely resolve the interstellar Kyonoke crisis."

Engineering experts contacted by the Scope for consultation and commentary on the construction project have unanimously agreed that the Kyonoke Inquest Center may possibly be the largest single research and development project in modern history.

Political analysts have also commented that if the Society succeeds in bringing the four administrations currently fighting the Kyonoke plague together, it will be the first time that the Empire, State, Federation and Republic have come together in a collaborative effort for mutual benefit since leaders convened more than a century ago for the Yoiul Conference.