State Armed Forces Rebuke Accusations Of Involvement In Kyonoke Pit Breach

New Eden News | YC119-03-18 - By Lina Ambre

PERIMETER - The Office of Press for the Caldari Navy has responded angrily to questions from several press outlets that have suggested the involvement of the Caldari Navy, State Peacekeepers and Home Guard in the breach on the Kyonoke Pit which occurred in early February.

The circumstances surrounding the breach, which resulted in a number of still unresolved quarantine situations across the cluster, have been called into question by the Federal Intelligence Office in recent days after senior figures within the organization revealed that the FIO is currently undertaking an investigation that may link the appearance of Kyonoke inside Federal borders with an attempted attack by Caldari Nationalists.

Fleet Admiral Mininela Erinen, commander of the State Armed Forces, strongly denied any military involvement in the breach, reminding the press of the State Armed Forces commitment to "persistent, around the clock guard of the Kyonoke Pit in order to prevent unauthorized access".

Continuing her statement, she said that "our concerns at the present moment are with those inside the quarantine cordon in Oijanen II and when the situation is resolved, there will be a full investigation into the cause of the breach, and the motives behind it."

When pressed further regarding the accusations aimed at the State Armed Forces by the interstellar press, and the nature of the Federal Intelligence Office investigation, Admiral Erinen responded that "our priority is with the safety and wellbeing of Caldari citizens. If the FIO has the urge to engage in some form of propaganda war with the State Armed Forces in order to deflect attention from the situation in Postouvin, then they will find it a one sided war. We have no interest in baseless accusations and hearsay."

Erinen closed the press conference by confirming reports that staff from Zainou and Ishukone would be joining a collaborative effort hosted at the Kyonoke Inquest Center in the coming days.