Formal Identification Of Remains Found In Kyonoke Pit Implicates Kaalakiota And Home Guard

New Eden News | YC119-02-25 - By Alton Haveri

NEW CALDARI - C-Level management from both the Kaalakiota Corporation and its security arm, the Home Guard, have been called before the Chief Executive Panel this afternoon after the remains found inside the quarantine cordon at the Kyonoke Pit were identified as those of a decorated Home Guard pilot.

The pilot in question, Flight Lieutenant Ohmon Kasaras, was a highly decorated young combat pilot who had served with the corporation for two decades. Aged 38, he was in the early stages of what Home Guard CEO Sunmenas Ikydoishin described before the CEP during today's session as a "long and promising career with the State Armed Forces."

When questioned before the CEP regarding Kasaras, his commanding officer, Captain Irma Aatoh, expressed her disbelief at allegations that he would be involved in any form of breach of containment at the Kyonoke pit, remarking that "Kasaras was a patriot through and through. He bled for the State. He was currently on rotational leave for mandatory physical training which began on February 1st, and was due to resume active duty on February 28th. I can not imagine a circumstance in which he would act in a manner that would jeopardize State security. The State Armed Forces were in his blood."

Both the Kaalakiota Corporation and Home Guard gave no further reasoning for the alleged actions of Kasaras, with Home Guard's CEO stating the belief that "Kasaras appears to have acted alone, and at this stage we are entirely unsure of his motives" before adding that "a full investigation will be ordered into his last movements and whereabouts in the days preceding his death. In the meantime, we will be contacting members of his family who are serving tenure with Kaalakiota for additional questioning."