Federal Intelligence Office Seizes Hardware From RP4 Facility As Investigation Intensifies

New Eden News | YC119-05-15 - By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - The Scope has learned that the Federal Intelligence Office has seized a wide range of equipment from the former Astral Mining RP4 facility as part of their ongoing investigation into February's outbreak of Kyonoke plague on board the now decommissioned mining and ore processing platform.

Sources within Astral Mining have confirmed that hardware ranging from datacores used for the storage of security holo-footage to fluid routers, maintenance records and emergency broadcasting equipment have all been physically stripped from the site. The equipment has reportedly been relocated to FIO Headquarters in Renyn, where the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, commonly known as the Black Eagles, is currently investigating the motives of the Kasaras family and the source of the outbreak of Kyonoke that claimed more than 7 million lives.

Commenting to press that "the acquisition and impounding of physical evidence is a key part of any investigation of this magnitude and importance", Black Eagles leader Mentas Blaque dismissed criticism from a number of legal sources in the Federation that the FIO is conducting a heavy handed investigation that is overly intrusive to the corporate operations of Astral Mining.

Responding further to questions from Yasda Hadoka of Nugoeihuvi Interstellar News, Director Blaque labelled the claims "ridiculous" before offering "a reminder that SDII is charged with maintaining Federal Security and policing potential security breaches within Gallente borders" and that the organization "will not rest until satisfied that the Kasaras family and any partners they may have had in February's breach of the Kyonoke pit present no further risk to the security of the Federation, or the well being of the Gallente people."

Director Blaque was accompanied by Commander Thoun Gaterau, Black Eagles Lead Field Agent & Administrator during his statement, who also confirmed that a number of arrests have been made during the investigation, but no formal charges have been brought forward at this stage.

The Scope will continue to report on the investigation as more news becomes available.