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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Quantum Broadcast Service is Formed

  • YC105-09-25

    NEW CALDARI - As part of a joint venture, Pegasus Endeavors and representatives of Interstellar Correspondents are pleased to announce the creation of the Quantum Broadcast Service (QBS), a news media broadcast network. Longtime freelance reporter and corporate director Draaven Kianor-Vakur has been appointed as the Chief News Correspondent for the venture. Draaven currently sits on the Board of Directors for Pegasus Endeavors, and has stated “neither [my] corporate responsibilities nor [my] Caldari [...]

    Stavros Acknowledges Bid for Amarr Throne

    • YC105-09-25

      YULAI – To the delight of some and outright shock of many, the infamous Amarr pirate Stavros confirmed his bid for the Amarr throne today during an exclusive interview with Interstellar Reporters. While admittedly surprised and touched by the growing movement endorsing his bid for power, he also stated that “Amarr is in a time of great need” and as such pledged to “do all [he] can to help”. While he considers his policies more moderate than the militant Jamyl Sarum, he considers Doriam Kor-Azor a [...]

      Rumors of Possible Amarr Split - Succession Rites Cited as Cause

      • YC105-09-25

        Heideran VII hasn’t been dead a week, and already rumors are circulating regarding a schism among the Five Heirs. The Succession Rites, which dictate the family heads not chosen as emperor commit ritual suicide, are believed to be the root cause of this possible split. “Military and transport craft are being amassed in ruling families’ home systems,” said Elgad Bettild, a political analyst for Republic Fleet. “It could be a protection of assets during a time of crisis; it could be preparation for war. [...]

        Amarrian Commitee of Moral Purity and Elimination of Vice regrets Stavros' claim to throne - condemns his actions as heretical

        • YC105-09-25

          The Amarrian Committee of Moral Purity and Elimination of Vice has condemned Stavros' claims that he intends to go forth as an Emperor. The Amarrian ruling system is an ancient and proven far more efficient at retaining order and peace than the decrepit and chaotic system sometimes referred to as Democracy. It considers his public appeal for the Throne heretical to say the least and strongly urges him to retract his bid and apologize publicly for making the remarks he did where he criticised various [...]

          News report sparks heated debates

          • YC105-09-24

            A news report posted recently by Iece Quaan concerning industrial and economic developments, sparked heated debates amongst VIP's who were invited to the Concord News Services Gala, which was supposed to herald the start of Concord's allready controversial interstellar correspondents program. While festivities were somewhat dampened following the expulsion from the party of several overtly argumentative VIP's, Concord continues to maintain that the program is destined to success.

            FD-MLJ/PF-346 still dangerous. Many pilots confused about it.

            • YC105-09-24

              It is quiet now, this infamous gauntlet of systems which has mean the demise of literally hundreds of pilots. The pirates that usually infest the twin systems are asleep, or wreaking havoc in other lawless areas. But don't let that fool you. Nowhere in known space has the death count been as consistantly high, day after day. Even a cursory glance at the map built-in to every ship confirms this. Yet day after day, new pilots arrive, sometimes by mistake...sometimes not. "We know there's pirates there, [...]

              A New Emperor to be Chosen

              • YC105-09-24

                Speculations have run rampant among political analysts as to who among the Amarr Heirs will become the next Amarran Emperor. As one analyst states: "The Heirs are not just fighting for political power, but also for their own lives..." Our readers are to be reminded of the events leading up to the secession of the Khanid region from the Amarr Empire, caused by one Heir's refusal to commit formal suicide upon the selection of Emperor Heidieran VII. Amarr Government Officials have declared an official [...]

                Industrial Espionage Threatens Classified Research Project

                • YC105-09-24

                  CRIELERE – Concord police vessels quickly destroyed a Kestrel-class frigate that forced its way out of the Crielere Research Lab despite a station security lockdown. There are unconfirmed reports of gunfire and at least one explosion onboard the station immediately prior to the Kestrel’s departure from the docking bay. Although the area currently remains off limits to non-essential personnel pending the completion of the police investigation, reports are leaking through about a botched attempt to [...]

                  Techell Corporation announces new policy on Miner II

                  • YC105-09-23

                    Amidst a flurry of criticism, Techell corporation announced that it is no longer accepting ISK in transactions for it's Miner II drilling beams. Kel'dra of Techell made the official announcement earlier today, on a public message board. "Techell is no longer offering Miner II?s for 2.5 Million ISK each. Instead, we have moved to a new program. One that we call 'Mega for Miners'." Kel'dra went on to explain that the program was designed to bring in an increased amount of Megacyte to fuel the [...]

                    Concord promises increased news coverage, announces syndication of reports from all of known space.

                    • YC105-09-23

                      In continuing efforts to bring the five empires closer together, Concord today promised increased news coverage of known space, chiefly through the syndication of reports from journalists representing the variety of cultures and regions under Concord's jurisdiction. "Our goal with this program is simple: to bring the news to the people in a timely and straight-forward fashion," a Concord spokesperson said. "The syndication of these reports from these journalists is one of the methods we're turning to [...]

                      Concord interstellar correspondents program kicks off

                      • YC105-09-23

                        Concord calls for experienced freelance journalists from throughout the universe of EVE have not fallen on deaf ears. Concord officials were pleased to announce the appointment of these correspondents. Amongst the list given we find the name of Yangja Isuko-Hosokawa, whose name has often been associated with corporate upheaval in the corporation that bears his last name, though he is no longer employed there.

                        Amarr-Minmatar Political Tensions Rise - Border Skirmishes Reported

                        • YC105-09-23

                          Uncertainty in the wake of Emperor Heideran VII's death has lead to increased tensions in the border region of Derelik, long a hotbed of criminal activity. Now to the widespread lawlessness of this area come rumors of a more political conflict: Minmatar ships conducting raids into Amarr space, and Amarr ships retaliating in what are plainly combat missions. A Minmatar operative speaking under condition of anonymity said, "The death [of Heideran VII] has thrown the Amarr ruling families into chaos, and [...]

                          Gallentean senate convenes to discuss tax tariffs.

                          • YC105-09-23

                            The Gallentean senate is set to convene next week to discuss the recent proposal by senator LeCroix to lower tariffs on consumer electronics exported to the Minmatar republic. The market in these items has recently been declining for federation businesses due largely to increasing domestic competition within the republic. The proposal has largely been met with enthusiasm by the industry, and few foresee any problems with the upcoming vote.

                            Interstellar community anxious about future

                            • YC105-09-19

                              The recent news about the death of Heideran VII, Emperor to the Amarrians, has sent shockwaves throughout the universe of EVE. Markets are tumbling and experts predict it will take them several days, even weeks, to recover. But mostly people are anxious to know who will succeed Heideran. Five heirs will vie for the throne, with the most likely candidates being Doriam Kor-Azor and Jamyl Sarum. The two represent the opposite sides within Amarrian political life, with Kor-Azor leader of the liberal [...]

                              Grave news from the Amarr Empire, Heideran VII has died

                              • YC105-09-17

                                In an official statement released today Amarrian authorities have confirmed the death of their beloved leader, Heidearn VII. The Emperor succumbed to the Turit Disease that has ailed him for a long time. Condolences from all over have streamed in and leaders of other nations have expressed their sadness at the news. A week of mourning has been declared throughout The Amarr Empire to allow the public a time to grieve his departure.

                                Political instability keeps markets shaken

                                • YC105-09-13

                                  The uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of the Amarr Emperor has kept the markets all over the world of EVE in a straightjacket. Shares have tumbled and investors are holding back. CEOs of the largest Caldari corporations voiced their concern at a recent meeting of the Chief Executive Panel. Many Caldari corporations have invested heavily in the raw materials and heavy industry in the Amarr Empire and they fear that their money may be at risk in case of war or severe civil disorder. Many Caldari [...]

                                  Gallente President Foiritan concerned for Emperor

                                  • YC105-09-12

                                    The Federation's President, Souro Foiritan, is reportedly gravely concerned about developments within the Amarr Empire, where Emperor Heideran VII has remained out of sight for days. Yesterday the President appeared before the Senate to discuss budgetary issues, but he took the opportunity to discuss the situation within the Amarr Empire. President Foiritan did not hide his admiration for the Emperor, which he described as having 'dragged the world kicking and screaming from a state of perpetual petty [...]

                                    Vigil for the good health of the emperor great success

                                    • YC105-09-12

                                      The vigil held last night in the honor of Heideran VII, the Amarr Emperor, went very well. The vigil was held in the Amarr system and was attended by up to 300 pilots. Most of the attendants were Amarrians, but pilots from other races were also there to show the emperor their respect for his endeavors to maintain world peace. A few troublemakers reared their ugly heads, but no serious breach of peace occurred. An Amarrian delegate was there with a message from the emperor himself. The text of his [...]

                                      Nefarious priestesses annihilated yesterday

                                      • YC105-09-11

                                        Yesterday two of the cultists responsible for the attack in the Roushzar system were attacked and killed deep in Minmatar space. A small group of these fanatics were at their midday prayer in the Gukarla system when they were assaulted by a group of patriotic Minmatars. Leading the attack were G'Quan, Loctar and Estios, the three of them promptly destroying the zealots ships. Intelligence agencies have been on the lookout for other members of the Tetrimon cult, they predict at least five prominent [...]

                                        Zealot cult blamed for massacre. More attacks feared.

                                        • YC105-09-10

                                          Preliminary investigation into the Roushzar atrocities, where hundreds of freed slave children where killed, suggest that a small fanatical Amarrian religious cult may be to blame. They have yet refused to comment on the incident, but their leadership has suddenly gone into hiding. The cult, called Tetrimon (Divine Devotion), has existed for some time now, but this is the first time it has resorted to violence, which begs the question where they got their armaments from. The members of the cult have [...]

                                          Freed child slaves massacred in Roushzar

                                          • YC105-09-09

                                            A ship carrying several hundred slave children en route to Minmatar space was savagely attacked last night in the Roushzar system. The children, all under 15 years of age, had just been given freedom as part of the FAS program initiated by Doriam Kor-Azor and were on their way to relatives in the Republic to start a new life. The carrier ship was attacked by at least five heavily armed frigates and never stood a chance. There were no survivors. No one has claimed responsibility for the act, but [...]

                                            Where is the Amarr Emperor?

                                            • YC105-09-08

                                              Since emperor Heideran VII failed to attend a CONCORD meeting the other day there has been no signs of him anywhere. All plans for his public appearance have been cancelled, including many book signings of his new book, Pax Amarria. News from the Amarrian authorities have been conflicting, with offices of the Imperial Chamberlain saying he's resting from a slight ailment, while the Imperial Chancellor says he's on a vacation at one of his remote palaces and does not want to be disturbed. The rumor- [...]

                                              Heideran VII fails to show up at CONCORD meeting

                                              • YC105-09-06

                                                Earlier today the Inner Circle of CONCORD was in session, anxiously waiting for a rare visit from the Amarr Emperor. Heideran VII was intended to make a speech at the meeting, outlining his plans for maintaining the current status quo of peace and harmony. Thus it came as a great surprise when it was Imperial Chamberlain Karsoth that took the podium in place of the emperor. His speech was dry and dense, with little in the way of new information being relayed. No explanation was given to why the [...]

                                                Heideran VII's much appraised book 'Pax Amarria' published

                                                • YC105-09-03

                                                  Pax Amarria, a book written by the Amarr Emperor Heideran VII himself, was released yesterday through the Amarr Empire Ministry of Information. It will be published shortly in other empires. In the book, Heideran VII describes his lifelong dream for galactic peace and how he has worked zealously to enforce his vision. The book has met great critical acclaim throughout the Empire and political analysts everywhere say it's a 'must-read' for everyone interested in inter-stellar politics.

                                                  SCC takes drastic measures against copyright infringements

                                                  • YC105-09-03

                                                    The Secure Commerce Commission has taken drastic measures against illegal copying of blueprints. Since the copy laws where changed recently, SCC has tracked down numerous cases where people are still using the old regulations for blueprint copying. SCC will start installing restrictions in appliance with the new laws on blueprints used in illegal copying. This will eject them from their lab slots, but will not otherwise affect them, apart from the new restrictions already mentioned.

                                                    CONCORD Issues Travel Advisory

                                                    • YC105-08-27

                                                      In a statement from Admiral Baryn today, CONCORD issued an emergency travel advisory for the Jakemhih and Kashag constellations, Domain region. "A large number of unprovoked pirate attacks have been reported in those systems," Baryn said. "The identities of the attackers remains unconfirmed, but in all cases the attacks were swift, merciless, and with superior firepower." CONCORD warns that any pilots in the area may be putting themselves at risk.

                                                      Yong Residents Report Conflict

                                                      • YC105-08-27

                                                        Colony residents of the icy planet Yong III reported a great battle in the skies, Sunday. Tracking systems identified many ships, of varied make - several of which were appearantly destroyed. Debris rained down upon the nearby planet in a firey astronomical display, reportedly damaging a wasteland relay station. No casualties were reported. The identities of the pilots involved is still unknown, but rumors abound about a connection to the pirate activity in the region.

                                                        Stargates into Uemisaisen malfunctioning!

                                                        • YC105-08-25

                                                          Stargates into Uemisaisen have been malfunctioning and leaving travellers stuck without sensors and control of their ships. You are advised to stay out of the system until further notice.

                                                          Amarrian merchants experience unexpected trade boost

                                                          • YC105-08-13

                                                            SEC trade analysts have reported curiously high levels of trade, particularly in the Kashag constellation, Domain region. Several suppliers of electronics, machinery and tactical weapons in the region have reported their stockpiles exhausted. "With the increased threat of armed conflict of late, traffic in arms is to be expected," said Senior Analyst Brill Stone. "But this is well beyond that."

                                                            Dispute over BP ownership

                                                            • YC105-08-13

                                                              A dispute has arisen between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State on one hand and the Jovians on the other. In exchange for Jovian assistance in the construction of the massive research facilities in the Crielere system the Jovians received a number of blueprints, including an original miner II BP. The Federation and the State are furious that some of these blueprints got into circulation following the Ouria fiasco and are accusing the Jovians of incompetence, and even deliberate sabotage of [...]

                                                              EVE heaves a collective sigh of relief as the threat of Ouria is ended

                                                              • YC105-08-12

                                                                News filtering out of the border zones close to Stain that Ouria and his gang have been decisively defeated have been met with joy and relief by the civilized world. The reports are a bit sketchy, but from what can be gathered it seems Ouria and five of his fellow Jovians, flying Eidolon battleships, hooked up with the known Minmatar terrorist organization Oracle close to Stain. 18 Oracle members flying cruisers joined forces with the Jovians. A task force consisting mainly of members of the Stain [...]

                                                                Ouria and his henchmen spotted again!

                                                                • YC105-08-12

                                                                  Just when people thought he had disappeared forever, the Jovian renegade Ouria rears his ugly head yet again. Reliable sources indicate that Ouria, his gang and unidentified allies are on the move close to the Stain region and will be in the border zones adjacent to it at 17:00 GMT. CONCORD has already issued a general warning to all travelers in the area to take extra caution. Speculations are ripe that Ouria intends to block all access to the Stain region by setting up base in the border areas outside it.

                                                                  Amarr official assassinated in Chaven system!

                                                                  • YC105-08-11

                                                                    A shocking event took place today in the Chaven system when a group of foolhardy Minmatar rebels ambushed and killed the Amarr ambassador to the Ammatars. The official was carrying top-secret documents intended for the Ammatar Consulate. This latest development in the escalating hostilities between the Amarrians and the Minmatars is the most serious incident to date and is sure to bring harsh repercussions. The Minmatar Republic has already released a statement deploring the raid, while denying any [...]

                                                                    Amarr officials in discussions with the Ammatar Consulate

                                                                    • YC105-08-11

                                                                      A high ranking Amarr official is expected to arrive in Ammatar space later today carrying plans for an Ammatar offensive against the Minmatars. This is the first indication that the Amarrians are taking steps to respond against the increasing Minmatar incursions into their space. While the details of the plans are not known it is expected that they involve information about known Minmatar rebels, their bases and defences. In the hands of the warlike Ammatars this information might deal a heavy blow to [...]

                                                                      Ouria and his renegade rabble run into hiding

                                                                      • YC105-08-11

                                                                        The attempts made by Ouria and his Jovian followers to set up a base in the Stain region failed yesterday after a long and sustained conflict with the natives. It is believed the fierce opposition took Ouria and his gang by total surprise, which caused them to lose several ships and Jovian lives before they could strategically redeploy. Also lost in the attacks was some of the valuable tech that Ouria had taken with him from Jovian space. The gang finally managed to slip away from their assailants and [...]

                                                                        Jovian admiral Ouria known to have the Jovian disease

                                                                        • YC105-08-10

                                                                          After research by the Jovian elders into recent crimes committed towards other races by their beloved admiral Ouria they have come to the conclusion that Ouria has become infected by the Jovian disease. The Jovian directorate has from this moment put Ouria into exile. Being cunning, Ouria knew that his brothers would find about his infection and had already started planning his escape from Jovian space. Ouria and nine of his brothers, all known to be high ranked officers within the Jovian Navy that [...]

                                                                          Viral epidemic spreads- Hjortur declared no-fly zone

                                                                          • YC105-08-09

                                                                            This just in: Rumours of a viral epidemic have been coming from the Hjortur system over the last few days, and earlier tonight the Minmatar Republic Security Council ordered the system closed and all travellers detained for quarantine and mandatory inspection. Pilots in the Metropolis region have been warned to stay out of the Hjortur system, as crossing into the system via jumpgate will result in immediate webification and detainment by The Minmatar Republic Fleet and Minmatar Health Board officials. [...]

                                                                            CONCORD warns about a Jovian admiral

                                                                            • YC105-08-08

                                                                              In light of recent events in the FDZ4-A system CONCORD has released a statement regarding the destruction of an Amarr vessel in the encounter. The perpetrator in the attack was the Jovian admiral Ouria, an old warhorse from the Jove-Amarr war and a hero to most Jovians. Ouria is well-known by CONCORD for his aggressive and demeaning attitude towards other races and has been known to attack them with little or no provocation. CONCORD has put the bounty on Ouria's head at 100 million isk, but while he [...]

                                                                              Secret meeting with Jove delegates in FDZ4-A

                                                                              • YC105-08-08

                                                                                Only a few hours ago representatives from two corporations met with a heavily armed Jovian delegation in the FDZ4-A system. The identity of the two representatives remains hidden, as is the purpose for the meeting. It is speculated that some kind of a trade took place, the nature of which is unknown, though speculations are ripe. To uphold the secrecy of the meeting the Jovians were unwilling to do business until the surrounding area had been cleared of all but those participating in the discussion. [...]

                                                                                Corporations announce record annual earnings

                                                                                • YC105-08-08

                                                                                  In recent weeks many of the largest corporations in EVE have held their annual shareholder meetings, where the report for last fiscal year have been published. All the major corporations increased their profit considerably last year and many had record earnings. This is the clearest indication yet of what many experts have been saying for some time now: that we're living in Golden Age of unequivocal progress and prosperity. Most people expect the economy to only get larger this next year, driven [...]

                                                                                  Jovian rogue on the run after violating laws

                                                                                  • YC105-08-07

                                                                                    A Jovian renegade, suspected to be in the early stages of the Jovian Disease, is on the run after he violated the non-interference law imposed by the Jovian directorate. The renegade gave away a hi-tech item to a person not an agent of the Jovian Empire. The directorate has already sentenced the rogue to the heaviest punishment possible, that of recycling his DNA upon capture. This is equivalent to removing the soul of a non-Jovian. It is also believed that the directorate is contemplating negating [...]

                                                                                    Peace-prize award sparks murder and mayhem

                                                                                    • YC105-08-07

                                                                                      The controversy over the recent Aidonis award continues as news of increase in Minmatar rebel activity has started flowing in. Amarr and Minmatar authorities have expressed concern over this development, which is believed to have been sparked directly by awarding the Amarr Emperor the coveted peace-prize. Minmatar rebels fighting to free people enslaved by the Amarrians feel this is a harsh message that goes close to condoning slavery. Their response has been to send dozens of raids into Amarr space [...]

                                                                                      Pirates gathering strength in outer regions

                                                                                      • YC105-08-05

                                                                                        After the forces of the empires started focusing solely on their own territories, criminal elements in regions out of empire reach have gathered momentum that is making life increasingly difficult for casual travelers. Large gangs of bandits are now much more frequent and they have found stargates to be an especially good hunting ground. CONCORD would like to advice space farers to take great care when traveling outside empire jurisdiction and considers such travels only safe when in numbers and [...]

                                                                                        Caldari Police forces in Crielere are currently under investigation after serious accusations.

                                                                                        • YC105-07-28

                                                                                          Caldari police forces in the system have been accused of shooting at, and even destroying the ships of innocent spacefarers, near the Crielere jumpgates. Police officials say that this was done to ensure the safety of the new research center in the system. They claim that they are holding secret information, proving beyond doubt, an imminent, serious threat to the invaluable research center. They furthermore claim that they are in full right to deal with such situations in every way the police deems [...]

                                                                                          Docks at Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School Station being investigated after a tragic accident.

                                                                                          • YC105-07-28

                                                                                            An accident has been reported at the docks in the giant space harbour of Ryddinjorn. A Minmatar Cruiser of the Stabber type is said to have exploded inside the station while undocking. All crewmembers were instantly killed. It is still being investigated what caused the accident, but our sources claim that there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. While the incident is being investigated, the safety of undocking ships is being ensured and the docks are being repaired, no ships are [...]

                                                                                            Ships stranded at MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 - ArchAngels Assembly Plant.

                                                                                            • YC105-07-28

                                                                                              The docks at MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 - ArchAngels Assembly Plant have had some problems with the gravity-generating mechanism recently. The situation got out of control earlier today when the system failed as a cargo of livestock was being unloaded leaving the poor animals floating helplessly in zero gravity. Docking operators are working on removing the animals from the facilities and ships will be unable to undock until the job is done. Pilots are advised to stay away from MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 until the [...]

                                                                                              The State and Federation open new research center

                                                                                              • YC105-07-24

                                                                                                The Gallente Federation and the Caldari State today released a joint statement declaring that the research center in Crielere, jointly built by the two empires, has now been completed. The new research center is expected to spearhead research activities for both the Gallenteans and the Caldari. Scientists from both the empires have hailed the news and are very optimistic it will pioneer many exciting new technologies in the near future. The opening is also seen as a breakthrough operation in bringing [...]

                                                                                                Emperor Heideran receives the Aidonis Statue.

                                                                                                • YC105-07-24

                                                                                                  In a surprise statement released today, the Aidonis Foundation has revealed the next receiver of the coveted Aidonis Statue. The Statue is rewarded annually to those that have contributed greatly to inter-stellar peace and improved empire relations. This is the first time the Statue is awarded to a national leader still in power, but most political analysts agree that Heideran more than deserves the award, as he is without doubt the main reason for the thaw in relations between the empires in recent [...]

                                                                                                  The Planck theory strikes again! This time in container tech.

                                                                                                  • YC105-07-24

                                                                                                    Yet another usage of the age-old Planck theory has been discovered, this time in the field of cargo container technology. Advancements in Planck bubble generation technologies made by researchers at Duvolle Laboratories have allowed for the creation of containers that have higher capacity than volume. The scientists were searching for ways to utilize the Planck theory in the lucrative dieting market by creating a new girder that would hide excess fat. Although still unsuccesful in this lofty pursuit [...]

                                                                                                    CONCORD deplores increase in slave trade

                                                                                                    • YC105-07-23

                                                                                                      CONCORD has released a harsh statement warning against slave trade. The statement is in response to persistent rumors that slaves are becoming increasingly popular as forced labor throughout the world of EVE. CONCORD wants to remind people that slave trade is strictly forbidden everywhere except within Amarr borders and that there are harsh penalties for engaging in human trade. CONCORD ships, and other police forces, may shoot on sight anyone carrying slaves. The Minmatar Republic has also released a [...]