AMARR: Imperial succession committee declares Doriam Kor-Azor emperor - Doriam reaction: humble and exultant

New Eden News | YC105-11-02

Long live the emperor!

Following Ecliptical's stunning display in the championships, the imperial succession committee came out with the following declaration after only an hour of contemplation:

"It is our solemn duty to testify that Dorian Kor-Azor has indeed bestowed divine strength unto his champion, and thus led him to victory over his peers. This prooves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Doriam is the rightful emperor and leader of the Amarr people. Our sole function is now to see that the rightful emperor is crowned, and to inform the other heirs that they will be expected to give their lives for the good of Amarr at his coronation."

Celebrations, which are expected to last for days, immediately broke out in house Kor-Azor and amongst all the followers of Dorian's liberal views.

Doriam's reaction was both humble and exultant.

"Today is a great day for the house of Kor-Azor and all of Amarr. Yet I am filled with sorrow. Still, my heart bleeds for the loss of our beloved Heideran, whose wisdom was surely divine. I grieve for my fellow heirs, who must rightly set aside their lives for the good of us all."

"Now is the time to set aside our difference and embrace a new and stronger Amarr - an Amarr like the divine Heideran believed in. I will not fail you."

Congratulations from all over the world have been sent to the emperor-to-be, including from most of the other houses.
"It is god's will." said Idonis Ardishapur only moments after the results came in.

Other heirs were less vocal, but none as silent as Jamyl Sarum, who did not send her regards to Doriam.