Implant technology embraced by spacefarers

New Eden News | YC105-10-12

It's all the rage - do commission work for one of the big corporations or factions, and they might just award you with the cutting-edge technology implants you've been hearing people brag about.

Although not available on the market yet, these cybernetic add-ons have sparked such a huge interest amongst ship captains that agents of the corporations in possession of this technology have found more willing workers than ever. Captains are always after that little edge, it seems. After all, it does not do to be second best when it comes to survival in the more dangerous regions of space. The agents know this well, and reserve these special awards for their very best contractors.

So far, the implants are simple yet effective. As every captain is already outfitted with neural interfaces, it takes only a small amount of extra training for them to be able to use the cyberware.

Planet dwellers have been slower on the uptake, however, many fearing adverse effects of using too many implants - possibly even a condition similar to the "mind-lock" that some individuals experience when they are first linked to their pod.

Some smaller religious groups (generally called 'cults' in the mainstream media) are already denouncing the use of implants as "impurities", but no official statements from the big religions has yet been issued.