Protein Delicacies in all Federal schools within the next few days

New Eden News | YC105-10-30

The Department of Education in the Gallente Federation has announced that it has made a breakthrough deal with the Sukuuvestaa Corporation to supply all Gallentean schools with Protein Delicacies. The deal is thought to save the department billions of ISK that can then be used in other areas of the education system. Protein Delicacies have already become widely popular within the Federation and the government is certain the students will applaud the change of diet in their cafeterias. Sukuuvesta Corporation has already stepped up its production and the first shipment will arrive at schools all over the Federation no later than early next week. On a grimmer note the arrival of the Protein Delicacies has slashed food imports from the Amarr Empire into the Federation and spokespeople for the Amarrian agricultural sector have issued severe warnings about the future of the industry. They also lament that the Federation should choose artificial food products instead of the clean, organically grown foodstuff that the Amarrians produce.