New food product praised for high nutritional value yet low price

New Eden News | YC105-10-29

The Sukuuvestaa Corporation has released a new line of food products labeled Protein Delicacies. Its low price combined with its high nutritional value has it hailed as heralding in a new era by slicing the food bill by as much as in half. The product is lightweight and can be mass produced very fast. But what is even more surprising is the fact that it tastes absolutely delicious and gourmet chefs in the most famous Gallentean restaurants have already found ingenious uses for it in their cuisine. The recipe for the new foodstuff is a closely guarded secret by the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, but early tests by health organizations within the State and the Gallente Federation have green lighted its consumption. The Sukuuvestaa Corporation has already made deals with prominent food chains within the Federation to distribute the Protein Delicacies and more are expected in the near future.