House Ardishapur issues a statement

New Eden News | YC105-10-12

The following announcement was delivered to Concord news services earlier this morning from representatives of house Ardishapur:

_Amarr loyalists! Can you not see that your empire needs you? The last few months have caused us great distress - the soulless jovians return to our lands with their diseased cadavors, minmatar slaves harass our loyal citizens, and now, to our utter disgrace, pirates blockade our systems. If it were not for brave and loyal Amarrians such as PIE, the pirates would still be there, undisputed.

House Ardishapur recognizes that all these threats - and they are threats, threats to our way of life! - have been brought to our doorstep by filthy outsiders. Until such a time that Idonis Ardishapur holds the throne, the navy will not act. Therefore, we call on you, the citizens to take what action you are legally allowed to keep Amarr pure and unsoiled.

All true Amarrians must stand together in these trying times._

Political experts disagree on the exact interpretation of the statment, but it is clear that Ardishapur wishes to remind the people of Amarr where his loyalties lie now that the championships draw close.