Sarum to deny non-Amarrian wingmen?

New Eden News | YC105-10-01

Since house Ardishapur announced yesterday that they would not be accepting non-Amarrian wingmen fighting alongside their champion, debates have flaired up amongst the other families on whether to follow suit or not.

The debates are closed affairs, and no reports are being issued recieved through official channels. However, the word on the street is that Jamyl Sarum, who is known for her militant attitude towards the other races, seems unlikely to want representatives from any other than pure-blooded Amarrians.

Then, there is also the issue of allowing the contestants to use all types of frigates. Many veteran pilots are of the opinion that Minmatar frigates are second to none in dogfights, because of their speed and agility. Would any would-be royal champion be so bold to show up in a Rifter? And if so, what will the family's response be...?