Caldari Chief Executive Panel decides not to compensate

New Eden News | YC105-11-13

After careful scrutiny by the Chief Executive Panel into the Protein Delicacies crisis, it has decided not to follow through with any further actions. Offering a rare glimpse into the power setup of the panel, it has been revealed that the panel was roughly divided into three camps. In one camp, headed by the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, it was argued that the business practices employed in the manufacturing and marketing of Protein Delicacies were not untoward and in perfect harmony with what normally goes on in the cutthroat Caldari capitalistic economy. The second group, headed by the Kaalakiota Corporation, argued that the ill effects of the Protein Delicacies on the Gallenteans paled in comparison to the sufferings the Caldari had endured for centuries at the hands of the Federation, not the least being the loss of the Caldari home world. Only the third group, headed by the Ishukone Corporation, was in favor of accepting the demands for compensations, arguing that different principles applied to inter-stellar trade, where cooperation and mutual benefits should be the guiding light. But their view was the minority one and the consensus of the panel was to decline taking any responsibility for the Protein Delicacies incident. The Caldari made one small gesture of goodwill when they imprisoned for three years the manager responsible for the development of the Protein Delicacies, but on unrelated tax-based charges. It is unlikely that this gesture will be seen as enough by the Federation.