Ore theft on the rise - captains warned not to take the law into their own hands.

New Eden News | YC105-09-27

ORE THEFT - a practice frowned upon by most and reviled by legitimate miners seems to be on the rise. Ore thieves are dastardly pilots who take advantage of others that are using non-secure containers to mine in empire space, claiming right of salvage from the jettisoned cans - even if they are sitting right next to the owner's ship.

"Unfortunately, right of salvage is law. My government has been attempting to push a bill that changes this in CONCORD protected space, but things happen slowly. Frankly, the other empires' response has been less than enthusiastic, ranging from calling us a bunch of 'weak Gallentes' to mere indifference." said Gallente senator Jean Zerren.

Many a frustrated captain has lost his ship to CONCORD when faced with a "salvager" and decided to protect his investment with his turrets. In instances such as this, the police has no choice but to destroy the offending ship.

"You asked for a tough CONCORD. That's what you got." quipped an anonymous outlaw when asked how he felt about ore thieves.