Gallente citizens voice concerns with Sukuuvestaa deal

New Eden News | YC105-10-31

It may not have been a planet-shattering announcement, but the announcing of the Gallente Federation/Sukuuvestaa deal has sent ripples of concern through Gallente ranks.

"I don't much like Caldari in general. They are humourless and dry business-first types, but I tend to give them grudging respect. Not so with Sukuuvestaa. Our government might as well make a deal with pirates." Said a prominent Gallente captain who wishes to remain anonymous.

Few outside Caldari understand the intricate corporate culture of the nation. In Caldari, the corporations are the nation, and your allegiance belongs to corporation first and foremost. Sukuuvestaa corp. has long been known for their ruthless (but successful) business strategies - but many Caldari feel that they break the unwritten rules of conduct...the tradition that makes up the other aspect of life in Caldari.

A high-ranking member of the Kaalakiota Corporation, who are known for their hard-line stand and traditional values, felt that any deal made by a Caldari corporation was suspect. "We haven't forgotten anything. I wouldn't sell food to a Gallente as a matter of honour. Not even to feed my own family."

Yet Gallente/Caldari relations seem to be at an all-time high. Many point to the Crielere project as proof that the two empires are well capable of living in peace, as well as the fact that most new pilots are now at least a generation removed from the war that cost the Caldari a home world. Very few of them have even seen old Caldari Prime, which shares the Luminare Solarsystem with the Gallente home world. Perhaps time really does heal all wounds.