Guristas Emissary Sightings Reported Near Empire Controlled Stations

New Eden News | YC105-09-28

TORRINOS – In a trend of alarming developments to freighter captains, Guristas Emissaries and escorting vessels have been spotted in close proximity to stations within Empire controlled systems with a .5 security rating or higher. Reported sighting locations include the Caldari Provisions Food Packing station in Torrinos, the Lai Dai Corporation Factory in Nonni, and the Imperial Armaments Factory in Dihra. The Emissary cruisers and their frigate escorts are heavily armed and carry bounties as high as 50,000 isk, and appear to be the targets of high-level mega-corporation agents who commission freelance pilots to execute seek-and-destroy missions for them.

The unchallenged presence of Guristas vessels by Empire station defenses raises serious concerns about the business affairs of both the local governments and the mega-corporations, especially since the pirates appear to have been granted explicit permission to approach the stations and dock. Furthermore, there is one unconfirmed report about three Guristas vessels appearing within 10 kilometers of the Caldari Provisions Food Packing station in Torrinos and then disappearing without a trace before they could be engaged by freelancers. No warp signature of any kind was detectable by any ships in the area, fueling more rumors that ship-cloaking technology exists and is in circulation.