Pirate incursions into New Venal Alliance territory.

New Eden News | YC105-09-27

The outer rim regions of space have traditionally been hotly contested by not only empires, but corporations and pirates aswell. Venal is no different in this regard, especially not recently.

Approximately 3 weeks ago, pirates from the infamous M3G4 pirate organization started making incursions into Venal. These incursions were intensified the following week with more numbers pouring in armed with increasingly more advanced and powerful weaponry.

M3G4 are a part of the Northern Alliance, which is also home to Taggart Transdimensional (TTI), who are believed to supply M3G4 with the resources to carry on their incursions into the Venal region's primary authority's territory. That of the New Venal Alliance (NVA).

In case you're confused as to why this alliance is indeed called 'new', it is because of it's short but unsettling history.

Taggart was once part of the Venal Alliance, a vast organization which extended it's dominion over the whole of the region. It's war with the Fountain regional alliance was not going in it's favor, and alternative strategies were desperately needed in order to turn the tide of the war.

The Fountain alliance, chiefly being interested in the Taggart Transdimensional corporation, demanded the expulsion of said corporation from the Venal alliance. In response, the VA member corporations held a vote, to remove TTI from the alliance ranks in order to buy time for the war effort, or, as some contrary opinions go, to barter for complete peace.

The vote went in the favor of TTI, and it was decided that the war would continue with TTI still in the alliance. Immediately following this vote however, a prepared statement from TTI's management denounced the alliance representatives, resulting in a second vote to be held which expelled TTI from the alliance, taking several allies with them.

Since then a state of war has existed between TTI and allies on the one hand, and the remainder of the Venal alliance on the other.

"This war has been thrust upon us by no choice of our own, this is a war on behalf of the common people. Should our enemies prevail, it will mean the end of democracy in the Venal region", said Athule Snanm, prominent member of the Jericho Fraction, by large the public face of the NVA.

Which brings us to the present situation, with M3G4 incursions recently having been taken up again in the region.

TTI have supplied the attackers with a base of operations in the area, from which the incursions are staged further into the region, operating through the traditional pirate model of electronic warfare, using mainly Caldari Blackbird cruisers with battleship's supplying raw firepower.

Exact losses are unknown, though NVA authorities claim that losses on NVA side number 14 battleship class vessels and just under 20 cruisers, it further claims to have downed 21 TTI battleships with over 31 cruiser and frigate kills.

Though trading has resumed thanks largely due to NVA attempts to clear the region, it remains to be seen however if this momentary lapse in fighting will last, as various sources estimate massive fighting to take place across the region come this friday.

Zeta, NVA Military Command had the following to say: "The lies and deceit of TTI and their pirate allies will not break the New Venal Alliance, we will fight to keep the free space lanes open."_

Promptly backed up by colleague Violation: "We will never leave our home, and will continue to fight for it."

TTI and M3G4 officials were unavailable for comment.

Travellers, regardless of affiliation are advised to stay away from the area.