Caldari denounce industrial spying

New Eden News | YC105-11-09

While Sukuuvesta Corporation has been in the spotlight these last few days because of the Protein Delicacies scandal, it has until now kept quiet about the whole thing. Yesterday they spoke for the first time about the matter. That Protein Delicacies are made from garbage was not mentioned at all. Instead, a scathing attack was made on the Quafe company for their unethical industrial espionage. An agent working for Quafe managed to breach the security of the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and infiltrate one of its factories. Sukuuvestaa says this is industrial espionage of the worst sort, its main intention was to steal the manufacturing process for the Protein Delicacies. Quafe has refused to comment on the matter, but the Caldari are threatening to take it up within the halls of CONCORD. Thus, a whole new dimension of inter-stellar conflict as result of the scandal may be brewing.