Sarum forces patrolling Amarr prime

New Eden News | YC105-11-20

AMARR: A strange sight meets those who fly through Amarr prime these days - police vessels. Actually, what makes them strange is that they all bear the markings of "Sarum surveilance".

Nearly all police and military vessels met there belong to the Sarum navy. Even more alarming, this fact hasn't been publicly advertised in any way, so many Amarr citizens just assume that the ships belong to the Amarr navy, or perhaps the security forces of the old emperor. And why would they think otherwise? Not everybody takes a close look at police vessels, which are such a common sight this deep in empire space.

Yet in light of recent events, their presence there causes extreme worry in some circles. Why isn't the Amarr administration making sure that neutral forces patrol Amarr prime - at least until the new emperor is crowned?