Quafe spy claims organic waste, biomass, main ingredient in Protein Delicacies

New Eden News | YC105-11-05

Quafe has released information it’s acquired that proves beyond doubt that the main ingredient in Protein Delicacies is organic waste, processed station sewage and second grade biomass. An agent hired by Quafe managed to infiltrate one of the heavily guarded Sukuuvestaa factories manufacturing the popular product and there discovered this ugly truth. This stunning revelation casts a new light on why Sukuuvestaa managed to produce the Delicacies so very cheaply. Ordinary organic waste is processed using advanced bio-smelting methods into a protein mass, which then has artificial flavoring added.

The outrage that will surely follow this disclosure is certain to ruin the Protein Delicacy business and many are already talking about compensations and law suits against the manufacturer, Sukuuvestaa Corporation.