Fast selling wonder food - quality questioned

New Eden News | YC105-11-03

Protein Delicacies, product of the Sukuuvesta Corporation, has taken the food market by storm in the last few weeks. This delicious, yet nutritious and healthy food has especially made great headways within the Gallente Federation, where it has been hailed as the best thing since self-inflated bread. But rumors the product is not all as it seems have been persistent ever since it first appeared on the market. Some have, for instance, questioned why there is no domestic demand within the Caldari State itself for the product - the food is exported as soon as it’s ready. Others have criticized the health organizations for approving the product so quickly, after testing it for only a few months. The adherents of the Protein Delicacies scoff at these unfounded allegations and suggest they were started by malicious Gallentean businessmen envious of the success of the Delicacies, especially now that attempts by Gallentean companies to imitate the product have all ended in spectacular failures.