Idonis Ardishapur: "No undeserving creature can represent us" - Journalist missing

New Eden News | YC105-09-29

In an official visit to Athra, Idonis Ardishapur is believed to have ordered the immediate arrest, torture and execution of Ray Hardman, a freelance journalist. The arrest is said to come after the journalist interrupted a scripted press event with questions regarding a debated decision by the Amarr Imperial Succession Committee of allowing pilots of other races than Amarr to assist the "pure blooded" Amarrian champions in their upcoming combat duels.

While at first ignoring the reporter, Ardishapur finally answered that the house of Ardishapur had no intention of letting "undeserving savage creatures" represent the house in such monumental decision making. He went on to discuss at length the risk that heresy poses to Amarrian civilisation today and the recent disintegration of its core values. Ardishapur then applauded the relentless work of the Amarrian Inquisition, claiming: "They are a role model to both young disciples of Amarrian religious doctrine as well as devout citizens throughout the universe."

The remainder of the press event was cancelled. Enquiries regarding the fate of Ray Hardman were met with silence from Ardishapur officials.