Details of Championship plans leaked

New Eden News | YC105-09-27

A leaked document from the Amarrian Empirical Succession Committee has been circling news agencies in the EVE Universe. Apparently each of the five houses will let a small number of champions compete amongst themselves on who shall represent their house in the championship that ultimately decides which house gets the throne.

Championship fights are frigate matches where a champion along with three wingmen must destroy the ships of a competing champion and his wingmen. While the champion himself must be of pure Amarrian descent, his wingmen are said to be allowed to be of any race and bloodline.

In order to select the champions that will compete within each hose, the comittee is opting for a controversial method: As a gesture of continuing Heideran VII's legacy of honoring the traditions of other nations, they will allow for every Amarrian citizen to vote for a champion.

This hint of democracy has outraged various Amarrian fundamentalists, amongst them Jamyl Sarum, whose spokesman denounces this method of selection as "Heretical and fit for ants and vermin but not pure blooded Ammarians". He elaborated: "Democracy is a proven failure throughout the known Universe and has undermined many civilisations and been the death of many great organisations".

It seems that this will go through nonetheless. Details of this are expected to surface in the coming days.