Ishukone CEO Crisis Continues as Guinna and Ruivannen Resign

New Eden News | YC110-11-14

Investors and employees looking toward the end of the Ishukone corporate crisis were shocked today as two of the corporation's brightest stars, Ms. Denalia Guinna and Mr. Joga Ruivannen, announced that they have resigned their corporate positions in the last week, ending their bids for the CEO chair. Ishukone's stock price dropped several percentage points in moderate trading on the news.

After both candidates had ramped up their efforts to secure support for the top position, a number of reports came to light. Ms. Guinna, a research project manager with 20 years of service, long considered the front-runner for the CEO position, was charged with allegations of inappropriate interpersonal relationships, falsified research findings and misappropriation of company resources. Mr. Ruivannen, a personnel director with 30 years of experience and a survivor of the Gallente attack on Ishukone's Malkalen headquarters, was forced to confront charges of physical intimidation, bribe-taking, profit-skimming and nepotism.

Both candidates refuted the claims levied against them, stating the information was falsified by their opponent and would have no bearing on their records and their leadership abilities.

An independent internal investigation launched by Ishukone, however, did not support the candidates' claims. Both were found to have violated company policies throughout the course of their careers, and were strongly rebuked. Under pressure from the investigative panel, Ms. Guinna resigned her position several days ago. Mr. Ruivannen did the same this morning. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that a number of employees also resigned along with the candidates. Ishukone officials have refused to comment on current staffing levels.