Minmatar and Thukker Trade Routes Increasingly Threatened by 'Breakaway' Angels

New Eden News | YC110-12-30

Rens, Heimatar - At a joint security conference today between officers of the Republic Fleet and caravan masters of the Thukker Tribe, it was announced that some of the newly-established trade routes between the Great Wildlands and Republic space are under increasing threat from pirate activity. Concern has been heightened by intelligence that suggests these pirates are mainly 'breakaway' elements of the Angel Cartel.

'It is clear that pirates and criminals in general wish to take advantage of the opportunities they see as afforded by the renewed ties and flow of commerce between the Republic and our Thukker brothers,' said Talon Commander Wylf Orshakor of Republic Fleet Naval Intelligence. 'Inevitably, the Angel Cartel plays a large role in this criminal and terrorist activity. However, it has become known to us that a significant number of Angel raiders have broken away from the main Cartel organization. We believe the Cartel's retreat from Skarkon is in part responsible for this split.'

'Whatever the reason may be, it is a dispute between thugs and criminals. Our only concern is that this splinter faction may behave even more violently and senselessly than the Cartel itself. We urge all independent traders and travellers to take additional steps to improve their security arrangements on the outlying trade routes. Those using transports provided by our Thukker brothers are assured that security is a priority.'

Other sources suggest there is more to the breakaway raiders than mere disagreement with the Angel Cartel. An underworld figure calling himself 'Burned Wing' has revealed that 'the splinter factions are Angels who wanted to return to the Minmatar people after the Elders revealed themselves. The Reppies turned them away and the Thukker shot down some of their ships. The Cartel weren't going to take them back. So now they raid against everyone.'