President Foiritan announces capture of renegade Admiral

New Eden News | YC110-11-21

Luminaire - President Foiritan addressed the Gallente Federation today in the wake of the Federation Navy's first instance of direct military action within the Amarr Empire's borders in over three decades.

"In response to intelligence received yesterday, this morning I authorized our military forces to cross the border into the Amarr Empire and conduct a forced extraction of the traitor, former Grand Admiral of the Navy, Anvent Eturrer," said the President, speaking to an assembled crowd of thousands.

"The force encountered some resistance, which it summarily overcame. I am glad to report to you that the promise I made five months ago has been fulfilled. We have found the traitor and we hold him in our talons. Anvent Eturrer is now being kept at a secret maximum security facility where he awaits trial for his crimes against the Federation."

Though no date has been set for the trial, nor it decided what exact form the proceedings will take, the President went to great lengths to assure the nation of Eturrer's fate.

"I promised you he would atone for his crimes... that he would stand judgment, be made to pay for what he cost this Federation. Citizens of the Federation, I promise you this -- he will pay."

"With this extraction effected, and the Kador forces that chose to strike out against us dissolved, we are satisfied that no further action will be needed against the Amarr Empire at this time," the President also said.

Amarr authorities have so far remained silent about the situation. According to Gallente officials no high-level communication has taken place between the two governments, and no apparent mobilization has taken place among the Amarr armed forces.