Ardishapur Family announces Kourmonen Campaign Medal

New Eden News | YC110-11-28

Ardishapur Prime - The Ardishapur Family issued a press release today stating that it had awarded several pilots who fought with "particular vigor" in the recent battle for occupation of Kourmonen with the "Kourmonen Campaign" medal.

The release went on to say that the medals were issued by order of Yonis Ardishapur himself. The medals signify pilots who aggressively helped bring down many enemy installations and thus restored the system to Amarr Empire control.

While the Family acknowledged in the press release that nothing in war was certain its analysts and experts determined the following pilots were most deserving of the award, and issueed its thanks to these and to all pilots who fought in the campaign.

Pilots awarded the Kourmonen Campaign Medal:

Veshta Yoshida - PIE Inc.

Vlad Konstantinov - PIE Inc.

Marcus Danayi - PIE Inc.

Laerise - PIE Inc.

Vaarun - PIE Inc.

Tasha Khell - Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces

Marius Mendez - Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces

Gangleri - Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces

Invelious - Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces

Lost InCogneto - Amarrian Retribution

Lord Meriak - Amarrian Retribution

Mad Scot - Amarrian Retribution

Jodie Amille - Gunship Diplomacy

Gaun Arel - Gunship Diplomacy

Amaldor Themodius - Gunship Diplomacy

Khar Velsox - 24th Imperial Crusade

Mra Rednu - 24th Imperial Crusade


Gazzaa29 - POD PLATOON

Boris A - Mercurialis Inc.

Nephilim Xeno - Pimebeka Mining Corp

Abbrock Armarda - vitiosus orbis

Axe slash - The Black Scorpions