24th Imperial Crusade to have tournament team sponsored by Merimeth Sarum

New Eden News | YC110-12-19


Greetings to the honorable pilots of the 24th Imperial Crusade:

The honored Heir, his eminence Lord Merimeth Sarum, has expressed a personal interest in seeing a team of loyal Amarrian soldiers represent the might of the Empire in the upcoming 6th Alliance Tournament. To that end, he has committed a small portion of his fortunes to the 24th Imperial Crusade in order to pay the entree fee into the tournament.

Lord Sarum has left the selection of the team up to Crusade leadership. As a result, myself and the rest of the Crusade's leadership will be monitoring our pilots for their contributions to the war effort during the tournament's sign-up period. Those three pilots who bring the most victories to the Crusade shall be allowed the selection of the Crusade's tournament team captain. The captain will then be responsible for the final selection of the team.

Full details of the militia's involvement in the alliance tournament may be found here.