State Protectorate to Recognize Top Militia Pilots

New Eden News | YC110-12-19

Black Rise - With the Alliance Tournament fast approaching, the leadership of the Caldari State Protectorate announced today that it would be sponsoring a group of militia pilots to take part in the competition. CEO Mumara Kara detailed a comprehensive plan to reward those pilots deemed most influential to the "goals and objectives" of the militia.

"Pilots who provide the greatest tangible military and strategic benefit to the Protectorate's operations will be rewarded with the honor and responsibility of leading a Protectorate team in the Alliance Tournament," Kara said from an office in Ishomilken. "For the next several weeks, we will carefully monitor pilots who defend Caldari territory and perform offensive operations against Gallente holdings."

When asked about performance goals for the Alliance Tournament, Ms. Kara was clear with regard to her expectations. "We feel that the Protectorate team will be strong, and expect nothing but the best performance against the other groups being entered. The concept of meritocracy will assemble the greatest talent under our banner, leading the Caldari State to victory in yet another arena. Caldari pilots will again emerge victorious."

Militia pilots wishing to know more about the selection process should direct their attention here.