Political Vacuum in Ammatar Mandate Continues; Populace in Turmoil

New Eden News | YC110-11-27

Tanoo, Derelik - Affairs in the Ammatar Mandate continue to be confused months after the extraordinary defection of former governor Ana Utulf to the Minmatar Republic, an event that came in the wake of the so-called Elder Fleet invasions of Amarrian territories. As her last act in office, Governor Utulf called on all Ammatar citizens to join her in defecting to the Republic, and the Mandate has been wracked by the effects of that call ever since.

Still leaderless, the Mandate's government, the Ammatar Consulate, has been hard-pressed to quell the instability that followed the claims made by Utulf regarding the role of the Nefantar tribe in the preservation of the Starkmanir. Amarrian assistance has been minimal as the Empire has primarily dealt with its own concerns following the Elder Fleet attacks, the coronation of Empress Jamyl I and most recently the Kador Fleet incursion into Gallente territory.

The general population is in a state of near stupefaction, with many unable to understand the defection of Utulf and others. 'There have always been defections,' said Iris Selantar, a lay preacher of the Ammatar Church. 'Tribalists and other disaffected elements would evade the security forces and leave for the rebel provinces from time to time. But the governor? What she said makes no sense. It betrays our traditions. Yet people I know listened to her. My own cousin from the countryside has disappeared. We think he has joined the rebels. I pray daily but still I do not understand.'

Selantar's combination of confusion and a sense of betrayal is typical of those who are willing to speak. Others remain close-mouthed and watchful. The uncertain political situation in the Mandate looks set to remain unresolved for some time to come.