Royal Khanid Navy releases statement on Blood Raider attacks

New Eden News | YC110-12-21

Royal Khanid Navy Grand Admiral Zidares Khanid this morning released a statement claiming that Khanid Kingdom forces yesterday attacked thirty-three separate Blood Raider Covenant targets - ranging from unmanned installations to fully-defended outposts - in what the release terms "an effort to strike a blow against the spreading blight of willful heresy."

The Admiral's statement went on to detail the statistics of yesterday's conflicts, some of which are reportedly still raging. Among the largest were a one-hundred-battleship-strong attack on a major Covenant outpost in an undisclosed location, where the report states that over twenty thousand Khanid soldiers were killed, and a three-pronged attack on a critical Covenant arms production facility which resulted in the destruction of the facility and the deaths of over fifty-five thousand people, the Khanid's and the Covenant's alike.

Questioned about the swift and ferocious nature of the attacks, Admiral Zidares responded: "The Blood Raiders have been a thorn in our side for years, and we felt that now was the time to make a coordinated effort to strike back and weaken them. Our intel had indicated to us that certain weaknesses were developing, and now was the right time to exploit them."

Overall, approximately a hundred thousand Khanid are believed to have lost their lives in yesterday's attacks, and several thousand more are missing in action or believed captured by Blood Raider forces. Battles still rage at a number of sites, and auxiliary forces are being sent in for support and rescue operations. It is unclear at this stage precisely how great an effect the attacks have had on the Covenant's operations.