Federation Navy Crushes Kador Invasion

New Eden News | YC110-11-08

Luminaire - In an emergency press conference, the Federation government announced a "decisive victory" against forces loyal to House Kador of the Amarr Empire.

Spokespersons for the Federation Navy and the Foiritan Administration told reporters that Kador forces had launched an "unprovoked attack" on Federation assets in the border region of Solitude.

Heir Uriam Kador has previously been characterized as friendly to the Federation. He visited the Federation on several occasions during the interregnum between the reigns of Emperor Heideran and Empress Jamyl I, and was linked romantically to a Gallente broadcast star.

The Federation counterattack was swift and brutal. Remaining Kador forces were described as heavily damaged retreating in "complete disarray." The engagement represents the first major military action for the Federation Navy since the fall of Caldari Prime. Analysts have cited a rapid buildup of conventional Navy crew and assets to serve alongside capsuleer militias. The Navy spokesperson said that "the human element, as always, was key to our success and our continued freedom."

The Navy was previously well-known for using drone fleets to avoid risking human crews.

Moreover, the last six months have seen a massive retrofitting of the Federation's industrial base to focus on defense. Private and government investments have bolstered existing military suppliers while converting a substantial portion of the civilian industrial base to serve the Federation war machine.

Neither the Imperial Ministry of War nor representatives of the Kador family have returned requests for comment.