Minmatar Republic and Thukker Tribe announce open border policy.

New Eden News | YC110-11-13

Pator - The Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe have formed an open border policy, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and Thukker Chief Einnar Aeboul jointly announced at a press conference today.

The agreement, coming after a week of talks between the two leaders, will allow Minmatar and Thukker citizens to travel freely between their respective territories. The agreement, notably, also extends to the Starkmanir and Nefantar tribes currently sheltered in Thukker territory.

"With this historic agreement, we open the door for peoples of all tribes to finally return home," Shakor announced. "We have already enacted several plans to allow us to cope with the influx of people, and I urge all Republic citizens to welcome our long-lost kin." Shakor went on to say that he hoped this would be only the first step in a growing relationship between the Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe.

Chief Aeboul also welcomed the agreement, but tempered his approval by saying that "while this is indeed a historic occasion for the Minmatar people, the Thukker tribe still values its independence and way of life. I can assure everyone that we will not be relinquishing our sovereignty." He also stated his tribe would welcome immigrants from the Republic, and finished by reminding those in attendance that while the Thukker life is a hard one, it is also exceptionally rewarding.

The agreement comes after several years of growing discord between the Republic and Thukker tribe. While Chief Aeboul made some strong remarks about his tribe's independent status, Sanmatar Shakor has made it clear he wishes a joint tribal government for all Minmatar, and several pundits have claimed this agreement is just the first step in his grand scheme to further that goal. Official sources have neither moved to confirm nor deny these claims.