Federal Freight Cleared of Espionage Charges, Penalized for Lax Security

New Eden News | YC110-12-24

Renyn, Essence - In a press conference at the headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Office today, a senior spokesman announced the conclusion of several months of investigation into shipping giant Federal Freight. The inquiries, conducted by the Special Department of Internal Investigations, were aimed at establishing direct involvement in the loss of sensitive data by Federal Freight employees, in addition to ascertaining any possible connections to Caldari intelligence organizations.

Much to the relief of its management and major shareholders, Federal Freight was cleared of any and all espionage charges. The investigation did point out a number of significant gaps in the firm's data security practices, however, leading to the resignation of facilities security manager Hayden LeDour. As penalty for putting national security interests at risk, Federal Freight has been barred from bidding, performing, or subcontracting any Federation Navy contracts for the next eighteen months. In addition, Federal Freight has agreed to increased security auditing by the FIO to prevent any future compromises of sensitive information.

Federal Freight's stock tumbled another twenty percent on the news before stabilizing at a four-year low.