Ministry of Internal Order launches investigation into altered slave records

New Eden News | YC110-12-31

Dakba - The Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order has launched an investigation into the genealogical records of approximately 250,000 slaves belonging to Lord Adash Korta, Holder of the Dabka system.

Korta is one of the largest slaveholders in the Amarr Empire. His estates have already freed 300,000 slaves following Empress Jamyl I's edict this past Thursday. Despite these numbers, Imperial officials noted discrepancies in the genealogical histories submitted for the remaining half-million slaves owned by Korta. The officials have neither revealed how the discrepancies were brought to light nor what their actual nature is.

According to a statement released by Inspector Omin Bodak, the head of the investigation, the MIO hopes to have the case concluded within a week. "We fully expect that the discrepancies will turn out to be nothing," he said. "The Korta Family has a long record of service to the Empire and Ardishapur Family. The Ministry has been investigating numerous similar issues across the Empire since the Empress's decree. Unfortunately, records on slaves can occasionally be haphazard. This matter has only received the attention it has due to the high number of slaves involved."

The Korta family has not responded to requests for comment.