Khanid forces mounting large-scale attacks against Blood Raider targets

New Eden News | YC110-12-21

Reports are coming in that today has seen a major coordinated strike by the Khanid Kingdom against Blood Raider holdings in several separate locations around New Eden. Damage reports are difficult to come by at this point, but at least three deep-space outposts and several dozen planetside installations have been confirmed as infiltrated or destroyed by Khanid forces in the last six hours.

Believed to be the largest single offensive ever mounted by an independent nation against a criminal organization, the series of attacks has prompted speculation in channels of public discourse as well as among those few media outlets who have had facts to report. According to an unnamed source with all of these outlets, the Royal Khanid Navy has committed several battle fleets' worth of ships and personnel to the endeavor, including a large portion of their special forces.

More on the situation as it comes in.