Reform Guidance Board Dissolves Amidst Recriminations

New Eden News | YC110-11-15

New Caldari - The Reform Guidance Board (RGB) was dissolved by executive order of the Chief Executive Panel (CEP) yesterday, following a tense but short meeting that ended when corporate representatives declared themselves unable or unwilling to work with the board. Provist Director Suvasemi Aikinen immediately declared the reforms package "on track and perfectly safe under the guidance of the Caldari Providence Directorate."

The RGB was established by the CEP in response to the absence through serious illness of Janus Bravour, widely recognised as the architect of the reforms program. Composed of representatives from the "Big Eight" megacorporations and the Providence Directorate, the RGB had been working on a modified timetable and redrafted commerical regulations aimed at a "more realistic application of the reforms to Caldari tradition and practice."

The RGB meeting had been postponed several times due to sudden crises demanding the attention of several of the megacorporations. Director Aikinen is reported to have exercised the right of the Providence Directorate to insist on a meeting, citing the "danger of serious delays inflicting harm on the Caldari people." The CEP's Principal Clerk, Jukkizaras Aboraala, agreed to chair the RGB meeting in the absence of any available megacorporation CEO.

As a closed committee of the CEP, the RGB has not made its minutes available for publication. Sources in the Providence Directorate, however, have revealed that a number of megacorporations refused to have any part in the RGB while certain other megacorporations were represented. At least two megacorporations are also said to have declared themselves "incapable" of taking part in the RGB with internal corporate matters taking the "highest priority." Owing to the inability of the RGB to function, Principal Clerk Aboraala dissolved the board. Oversight of State reforms rests once more with the Caldari Providence Directorate.