Ardishapur begins initial moves to take control of Ammatar Mandate

New Eden News | YC110-12-09

Derelik - The first stages of the Ardishapur family's assumption of power over the Ammatar Mandate have begun. The Mandate, which has suffered under a lack of leadership in the six months since the Elder fleet's invasion, will likely see more turmoil before things finally settle down. Ardishapur has begun a series of changes in the Mandate's power structure intended to reshape the region so that it operates more like one of the Empire's core domains.

The first stage has already begun, with Ardishapur granting Mandate titles, positions and territory to many of the lesser Holders under his rule. The vast majority of these Holders, who come from lesser branches of the larger Holder families in Ardishapur's domain, will relocate to the Mandate where they will take over the area's day-to-day governance. While most of the Mandate's leadership has traditionally been Ammatar, Ardishapur is now almost exclusively promoting True Amarrian Holders to fill positions within its hierarchies.

Much of the land being granted was confiscated from the families of those Ammatar who defected during the invasion. According to experts on the Amarrian nobility, the Holders being promoted almost universally come from families who have had exceptional track records of loyalty to the Ardishapur family but had not until now -- for a variety of mostly logistical reasons -- been granted their own land and titles inside Ardishapur's non-Mandate domains. So far, nearly 100 Holders have been granted titles in the Mandate, from continental governorships to planetary governorships to system- and constellation-wide overseer positions.

Additionally, Ardishapur has begun a search for a new Ammatar governor. Some had anticipated Ardishapur himself would assume the post, but the Heir dispelled those notions fairly early, stating, "Derelik will be only a part of my domain. As such, it shall be administered by an individual governor under my direction." Ardishapur has reportedly been considering many of his inner circle for the post, and some speculate that he may name a relative to the position. He has not given any indication as to how long it will take before he makes a final decision on the post.