Tash-Murkon State Visit Cut Short, Naval Forces Placed On Alert

New Eden News | YC110-11-12

Tash-Murkon Prime - Catiz Tash-Murkon has cut her state visit to the court of Uriam Kador short by two days, returning to Tash-Murkon Prime under heavy escort by her personal guard. The Amarr Certified News is also reporting that Tash-Murkon forces have been placed on their highest state of alert, with all shore leave canceled and training exercises being scrubbed.

The Tash-Murkon Family spokesperson evaded questioning on whether this impromptu return was related to recent events in Solitude. "Lady Tash-Murkon has found this visit to Kador Prime very enlightening, but unfortunately matters within her own domain require her immediate attention." The Kador Family has made no comment as of yet on the Tash-Murkon heir's sudden departure.

When pressed by reporters, the spokesperson played down all speculation that the Tash-Murkon had any prior knowledge of the Kador military action. "The talks between the Tash-Murkon and Kador courts have been focused on trade and items of mutual economic interest. Though these have tangentially involved discussions of military deployment in the service of securing such trade, there was no discussion of larger-scale military actions or coordination."

As of yet, the Imperial Navy has issued no statement regarding the Family's protest of unscheduled exercises in Tash-Murkon territories earlier this week, though the Tash-Murkon general staff has been almost silent on the subject since the events in Ratillose.